Missing student since 06/10


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Keeping practicing and learning horary:

College student missing since 06/10.

-Where is this student?

-Will he be found?

-Is he alive?

Initially judging by the horary, I kind of think that he will be found (Sun and Moon above horizon, Ruler of the chart in the same house with the ruler of the Moon and with the Sun, that he is or was in a trip, and even not alone (all those planets in the 9th feel like a group of people on a trip).

I kind of feel hopefull for this, but... the Saturn in the first house, the Mars in the 8th and part of fortune opposed ruler of the chart makes me feel a litle guarded about how is he.

Hope that it is not the case, but if something bad happened, it could be theorize by what it seen in the chart that someone involved in this dissapereance is: a friend or aquaintance ( Sun trine Asc, Moon with no aspect to Asc.), maybe even someone young and/or/including a woman or someone refined (Mercury and Venus in that 9th house). Also there is that Jupiter in close contact with Sun:

If there’s a luminary in some of the mentioned houses, then the appearance of the thief is delineated according to the planet in a close aspect with that luminary...

...Jupiter symbolizes tall, robust, handsome and bright appearances, people with thin hair or high forehead or pronounced whiskers....

... Jupiter is a male between 40 and 55...


Someone upper class maybe? Are all those planets describing one person and the circunstance or more than one person?

Where is he maybe?

-final part of MC in Fire:

fire signs symbolize walls and the proximity of the source of heat and light

And 4th house is in Capricorn, whose ruler is in the first...

Maybe is my lack of knowledge still... I started doing the chart hopefull, like it was a trip of friends and that maybe it will all turn fine, now I hope that is the case.


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Student was found!

He was found on a beach, the name of the beach, translated means "the Wall"

fire signs symbolize walls...


He allegedly is suffering from depression.

Thank God everything turned out O.K.