Missing puppy


Hello and thanks for visiting this post.

some1 found a homeless puppy who was beaten up badly and took him to her

home but after 2 months she found out while she was out the puppy was missing

from home!!!i tried to help her but i am not an astrologer.

i c the lord of 4th house (jupiter) in 7th house of open enemies(her father as open enemy for missing dog)
and orcus oppose chiron!!! and 12th house of scorpio (if the puppy does not die

in few days)mmm but moon as i search means we cant read the chart but i really

need to help them.the chart i have here is not for exact long and lat the excat

info is: 01 Jun 2012 TZ = -3.5 5.45 P.M. 35.47 NORTH 55.22 EAST

iran i used the time they found out the puppy is missing i wish i could point a

location for them to look for that poor puppy.if i am right and the father was

involved i think she can find the puppy.
many thanks and may god bless u all.


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Hi anachi,he was not my dog.i met them 2 times only i think.that lady was taking care of him.i made the event chart i used the time they found out the puppy is missing asking if the puppy is alive or dead and his location.the owner of that dog found another puppy with ears and tail cut off he is just 10 days old.and she says if she can find the lost puppy she will take care of both of them.well i am so worries about that lost puppy 2.ppl r not so kind in here with animals.many thanks and god bless u.
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