Missing person please help


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Hello my friend brother is missing from 24 years whether he is safe and will and will return to home please reply if possible tell me which direction he is now his birth details are as follows

16 July 1975
7:30 am (morning) time may be few min up and down
13:59N 74:33E coordinates
Bhatkal Karnataka india

Before missing had fight with mother because of alchohol


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24 years many years back they also search him everywhere but did not find him just hope he is safe no problem even if he did not return but being safe is important to them


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Venus indicates alcohol afflicted venus gives alcohol problems 4th lord is well placed also 1st lord is in 4th is good indicated person attaches with his mother also he performs last rites to his mom so indeed he comes sure . but he wont stay with you again he will go to his place . he had a malefic dasa in the beginning which separated him from family . both mars and rahu in 4h lord star lagna wise and rasi wise which triggers 4th house matters mutual aspect of mars moon give conflicts with mother and drugs issues . 4th lord aspected by 8th lord not only fight mother but also gives character issues . moon in libra aspected by malefic makes a person cruel . mars rahu aspecting lagna gives criminal tendency to some extent he also chances of going to prison . he running sat dasa currently who is 7 8th lord in 12th apecting 4th lord 6th house and 9th house so problem to mother issues relating to health debts illness crimes doing unethical act will happen . his identity is also published in papers .

Mostly he resides western part of india liked to say mumbai like that . may be working commercial settings or vehicles hotels , hospitals like that . as per my knowledge he should visit mom before 2025 . after that no chance of coming to home land . if you search him on western direction you can surely find him . Asc lord connection with 4th lord ensures person unite with mom and if 10th lord connected with 4th person indeed does last rites to his mom ...