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This man has been lost for 4 days now.

Last news from him was a call made to a loved one.

After that, info has surfaced that he migth have been kidnapped to force him to withdraw money.

I made an horary on Saturday inquiring about the whereabouts of this man, if he was alive.

The asc. of that horary shows a Asc. in the early degrees of Taurus, maybe this reflects that this was made because of a money matter...

The ruler of the 4 th house, Cancer, in its own sign makes an opposition with mars & Pluto in the 9th in Cap., (maybe about to enter the 8th house?), maybe this describes the last news, a photo from a bank?

This is done not just out of curiosity and for learning, but also as a means to help. It is awful that a family has to endure something like this.


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I found the "Magic 8th ball..." technique thread of dr. farr. Following that technique (as best as I could), I looked first at the 7th house, since it was about person(s) not known to me, then counted the 3rd house from there- I ended up in the 9th house Cap., wich has Mars & Pluto there. Its ruler, Saturn, is in the 6th house, conjuct the 7th, in Libra.

+ If Mars or Saturn is the planet ruling that sign, this = a "no" answer (or a negative/malefic answer) to the question
Magic 8 ball technique / Astrologers community /General Astrology /Horary astrology / horary technique

-So the initiall response to the "is he alive?' question would be a negative.

Then I follow the other pointers given by tikana on that thread
1. If lord of 1st and whatever asked about not making any aspects, answer is NO UNLESS when faster planet separating from slower planet but 3rd planet is reconnecting with either of the planets that are separating from each other answer is YES (another person will be involved in bringing the perfection)
Ruler of the 9th (3rd from the 7th) would be Saturn in the 6th, that is making a conjuct with ruler of the Asc. of the horary, Taurus.

Conjunctions are tricky - they maybe showing a connection but it may fail if conjunction occurs in ill house.

Is the Saturn on an ill house? (6th house of enemies and servants?)

About as to how get info of whereabouts ect., from horary, I even know less of how it is done.

Any reply about this will be appreciated.
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:sad:Carr was found... burnt. Man hasn't.

Asteroid with car's brand's name is found in the late degrees of Aqua in the horary, conjuct Neptune & Neptune making a making a trine with Saturn. The ruler of Aqua is found in the 12th house Aries, trining Sun & square Mars & Pluto.

Does it can be known where is the man now? Does a new horary has to be done?


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Well, the man was found last week... it was a sad case indeed, and maybe that's one of the reasons no one ventured to answer.

I tried to keep on reading what I could from it. I found bites and pieces that where relating to the case, but my limited knowledge (and maybe I got too close emotionally) did not help me to see the answers right there in that chart.

While the search was taking place last week, I found a link about looking for missing objects (very good info):
...Another way to delineate these charts is by analyzing the four cardinal points. The missing object is signified by the ascendant in the chart of the event, the mid-heaven signifies the owner, descendant belongs to a potential thief and the lower meridian describes the location of the object...The lower mid heaven will describe the location of the missing object according to the nature of the sign: air signs will indicate altitude in some way

The body of the man was found in a high altitud mountainous region: in the town of Cayey. The symbol of Aquarius, can bring to the mind also the image of "mountains".

Then one looks to the 4th house (end of matter and also "things mislaid": ruled by the late degrees of Cancer, in the decanate of Scorpio. This sugested a place "safe", but also damp, dark.

[FONT=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]4th House. ... end of the matter. Land. ... Fields... Farms. Real Estate. Things mislaid. Buildings... Secure places. [/FONT]

Thinking of the place sugested by the late degree of Aqua in the 10th (air, mountains) and the 4th house sign ruling this horary chart (Cancer), and even the late decanate, Scorpio, there's an place whose name gives an image that relates all those signs and archeatypical symbols: Cerro "Las Tetas" , near Cayey
... two mountain peaks...(that) are so named for their resemblance to a woman's breasts. The word "tetas" is colloquial for "breasts" in Spanish, much like the English word "****".

The late degree of the Aquarius I think is ruled by Libra. Libra relates to legal. A place of legal connotations, but that is damp, secure, in a field or a farm (by the descriptions of the 4th house), with maybe buildings near?

Then one looks to the ruler of Aquarius: in the 12th house of Aries. 12th house speaks of places of confinement, like, for example, jails.

On Cayey, where they found this poor man's body, there was an abandoned prision: Campamento Guavate.



The horary chart also very closely relates the torture this man endured and even the thiefs responsible, part of their natures as people: 4 persons have been arrested, two young men and two young womans, who where also allegedly prostitutes. 7th house of the horary chart showed Venus and Mercury there, in the sign of Scorpio, both those planets being rulers of two signs: Libra & Taurus and Virgo & Gemini, and Libra & Gemini also shows the duality as part of their symbols. Also the female energy, in its darkest, is sugested by the placements of the 4th house cusp: Cancer is also known as being manipulative, and some guessed that this man was seduced or lied to in order to be taken hostage. Some even guessed that the man was made believe that the women where victims of some trouble, to end up being killed by the actions and/or hands of those femme fatales. Yup, the sex/drugs/death scorpian theme is very present in those character's stories...

It is curious also that the reason as of why that jail was closed was because of water pollution: again, the cusp of the 4th house cancer in that decanate's of Scorpio, relates to that.

Any other comment about this will be apreciated. I just would have liked that I could have seen in that charts those details sooner (and even have some sense as to look in a map for a jail near there or something), to maybe help to recover the man's body, when the events where taking place, but well, at least I am learning.
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dr. farr

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Very fine retrospective analysis!! Good points made about the horary chart indications. In the alternative horary tradition I follow, finding the significator of the missing person in the 7th house is considered very detrimental testimony (even moreso than finding it in the 8th house; although finding it in the 12th house is also quite negative testimony) In missing persons case this alternative horary tradition considers the missing person to be signified by the lord of the first house UNLESS there is a specific relationship existing between the querent and the missing person, in which case the appropriate relationship-based house for the missing person is used to signify that person.