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Re: Missing Cat (Includes Horary Chart)

Hey! She's literally been on my lap all day! Her cat sitter was someone I didn't know, but who I hired to watch her. I didn't know her personally, but she seemed like a good person. It turns out she's a partyer or something and was never home. Her roommmate and his kids were allergic to cats, and she hadn't informed him she was going to catsit. My cat didn't recieve much attention and would come out from under the couch to eat and use the litterbox at night. The roommate told me that she probably ran away. I myself, wonder if they got tired of her and put her outside:(

When I read the chart, I had read it as her significator being Venus, which was in it's own house, the 6th house. I do think some people who feel their pets are more like their kids can use the 5th house planet, but in my case, I sort of see her as a cuddly, live, teddy bear. I read my significator as Mercury in the 8th house. I saw a trine had just occured between her significator and the moon, and was about to trine mars. That actually scared me, as I wondered what mars would be, I worried she'd get hit by a car or something. But I also wondered if it would act like a translation of light or something of that sort.
I also felt a bit positive that the moon, which in these charts also represents lost items or pets, was in the 11th house, which means it's safe return. In her case, I had went door to door in the neighborhood talking to people, and 1 couple had seen her and I let them know how to get a hold of me if they saw her again. In this case, they could have been shown as new friends.

I ended up referencing this link mainly, though I used the 6th house planet as the significator.
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How did u make the chart

Wow! Talk about mercury retrograde! This is my 3rd time trying to answer your question, and where my post did not get posted. I created a chart on astro.com using the regiomontanus house system. The 1st house was my significator and the 6th was hers. You can read the chart, and the house their significator is in may give you an idea where your cat is located. I noticed your thread and have forgotten some of the research i did for reading my chart. I had already planned to read yours and post on your thread.

Lastly, i posted her photo on a community Facebook page and out up missing cat posters with a cash reward. I went door to door and asked people to keep an eye out for her. Finally one household had told me they saw her and I got her back. Dont be afraid to go the extra mile.
Good luck!
KI think your cat is safe. You will find it in 1week or a month. Looks like the cat has found a mate.

The cat is in the north -west direction,

Clues: north by west -sandy or hilly areas, near barns, see if there is any corn field nearby.

Is this kitty kind of brunnet like or reddish brown mixed coloured?

Why don't you check with your friends related places?
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