Minor influences !?


@ all,
yes, you begin to tell me that a movin' a star, do changes into the history.
how asteroids are inflicted in astrology ?
how meteorits are "makers" of humanity ?
e.g. tungutska meteorit, and the meteor that so called, ""killer of the dynosuaurus""
their minor influences are goin' to inflate big results?
did some astrologyst try to find if such human anomalies, like : hitler, stalin, ceausescu were under such ""minor"" influences ?
danjoe aka danjoeofsinaia.


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Every little piece of rock out there in the space has an influence, important or not. Each influence is different, however.

It doesn't need to arrive physically on Earth (such as a meteorite) in order to have an important influence. Take Pluto for instance. It was discovered in 1930. Soon, the fission of "plutonium" released a tremendous amount of energy and in 15 years, the nuclear energy was already used in military purposes.

A character is made by the "sum" of all influences, not only by a single asteroid.


can you make a connection between discovery of Pluto and the rise of two antagonist doctrines ''nazism'' and "communism"
planets do affect political evolution of the human society ?
the fall of communism was under such an influence , too ?
this is an interresting thing to explain.....
or where to find such explanations, if they do exist !