Minor aspects in the natal: semisquare vs. sesquisquare. How do they work?


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Hi, I'm sorry if this question was already asked, but I couldn't find it anywhere in this forum.

How do minor aspects work vs. the mejor ones? Especially I'm interested about the semisquare vs the sesquisquare and I'd love for you to explain it to me with real life analogies.

For example. Square: you have to go on a business trip, you get to the airport and you discover that your flight was cancelled at the last minute.

Semisquare: you are late for work, you take the car trying to get there as soon as possible but every traffic light you encounter is red. Irritating but still, you get to work.

Sesquisquare: ?

Semisextile: ?

Inconjunct: ?

For example, I have:

Moon ssq. Sun.

Merc, Pluto ssq. Asc.

Moon ssq. Saturn and inconjunct merc.

All orbs are almost exact, 1 degree orb.

How would they play out? Thank you!

Here goes my chart:


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