Milky Way Galaxy chart


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welcome to the world of our galaxy.
The astronomers have given us a kind of chart
There are a lot of globular clusters that are like planets.
Maybe each one means something.
I gather the galactic fed knows about this "chart"

M72 trines the sun
M14 squares the sun
You can find the image here


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The 4 Milky Way signs of Taurus and Gemini (the beginning of civilization) and Scorpio and Sagittarius (the current galactic center in the Ophiuchus degree, astronomically speaking, the astrological spot is 27' Sag or "Dec 17th", Novena is the 9 days of pre-Christmas including Dec 21 or the northern winter solstice). The Ancient Egyptians had an affinity to Orion in the degrees of late Taurus and early Gemini, similar to Ophiuchus in the degrees of late Scorpio and early Sagittarius. What's interesting is the current position of Sedna now conjunct Uranus in the current year, and the world has gotten mad since 2018. Orion is the symbol of humanity or the "gate of Man" vs Ophiuchus the "gate of God". In ancient legends, Orion was killed by the Scorpio(n) and was placed the opposite of the night sky. And right now in my own life, natal Uranus opposition occurs twice: 25' 29" Taurus on June 23-30, 2024 and Apr 11-19, 2025 (my Aquarius sun conjunct new moon birth date Feb 15, 1980) both are in my chart's 11th house having to do with friendships - the opposite of 5th having to do with sexuality.


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nope. u don't get it.
There's not one word about globular clusters or
what sign our sun is in. Where is the aries point?
I guess I'll have to see a psychic.