Midheaven Square Natal Neptune


Please help me understand what this apsect means in terms of what Midheaven represents and how it is affected by the gentle hand of neptune.


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Hi hazeldove,

I have this aspect natally as well. An absolute must with this aspect is staying away from negative people! Because they can have serious effects on your well being. Neptune makes you more sensitive to such energies. and there is no doubt you will attract such people into your life, at some point you will learn to begin looking out for them, because of past experiences from being around hateful or toxic people. This aspect also means that you need your work to be for a higher cause or for an ideal you hold.



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I also have Neptune square Midheaven (in Pisces)

I agree, I need my work to mean something to me. I also can not be around negative people because I pick up there energies.
Also, I have some confusion about my career, I have had a lot of trouble picking something, always wondering if I'm making the right choice.


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"Gentle hand of Neptune"??? I think not.
Neptune is the great deceiver, first and foremost.
It represents the 'trickster god.'

Yes, there are positive traits of Neptune, but they pale in comparison to Neptune venom and delusion.
And yeah, venom is accurate because poisons, as well as all anesthetics are ruled by Neptune.

the best way to get info here is to post your birth chart with transits and post a few major questions that are important to you at this time.


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Please post your chart in full as it is easier to look at and analyse. Anonymise if you wish. Astrodienst do them for free in the twinkling of an eye.


Here it is, attached. Any guidance WHATSEVER, would be immensely, immensely, appreciated. I am not sure if I can convey cleary just how desperate I am in this juncture of my life. Looking for a ray of hope. Love, career and life purpose advice? PLEASE. I have almost no luck left.

Thank you,


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Hi Jesse

I'm full of sympathy for you! Neptune square MC is tough when you're younger. It gets a bit easier with experience! You have the advantage of knowing astrology, and that you're navigating a particular kind of energy.

All the previous advice is very important - stay away from negative people, stay away from drugs & alcohol [anything escapist that blurs your lens on life], don't over-idealise people in intimate relationships, strive to be clear & transparent with people, focus on working for a higher ideal / humanitarian organisation if you're not poring your energy into something creative. If you're feeling completely lost, go find a good charitable cause & pour your energy into volunteer work until you feel a clearer direction.

Try not to flip-flop in multiple directions continually, while being escapist & feeling sorry for yourself!

This is the voice of experience :) I have the same tight square from stationary Neptune in 12th house square MC conjunct Moon....

Actually our charts have interesting cross-overs.
I also have the Sun / Mars combo, so i expect you to be very high energy. I've seen a number of charts with Mars conjunct Pluto of mountaineers & people with the most extreme endurance [the mountaineer Peter Mathiessen who wrote the book on buddhism called 'the Snow Leopard' has it]

MC in Libra, conjunct Venus & square Neptune, i'd expect to either pour a lot of energy into trying to make other people happy [a superb negotiator / mediator], or something creative like fashion or the visual arts.

You have a 0'30 trine between Jupiter & Uranus, so you can't be that unlucky.

You also have Uranus conjunct North node [which i share] in Capricorn 1st house, also conjunct Neptune & square MC/ Venus. This is a very revolutionary energy. You will not tolerate the status quo :) I also have the Venus / Uranus energy. It pushes me to be very avant-garde in all areas of life - business, intimate relationships, creative expression.

You have a very exciting chart. Hang in there! You'll grow into it! In the meantime don't waste time with any of the rabbit holes mentioned in the first paragraph. If you're currently in a very conservative environment, i suggest moving & putting yourself amongst either an international charity, or an avant garde group of creatives

Your Saturn return in 2020 is going to be an absolute doozy...at the same time you have progressed Sun conjunct AC, the transiting nodes conjunct AC/ DC, and transiting Pluto, Jupiter & progressed AC in a tight pile up :) . Your sidereal Solar Return for that year also indicates major action
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