Midheaven, Mercury, Venus in 10th house Leo. Does this bring fame?


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Hello everyone,

2020 has been a rough ride for me. I am an engineer who lost my job and I have been having bad luck finding work despite being in a shortage profession.

I have Venus and Mercury in my 10th house in Leo and I read that this should bring in a good career for person. Is there something else in my chart that adversely affects it?

I also read that having these planets can also bring fame? Is this true? Should I consider a career switch?

I struggled a lot career wise. I spent much of my 20s chasing relationships that went nowhere ( as you can see from my previous posts during this period). Covid has been a rough time for me with unemployment and no money where I had to face with some hard truths about myself.

Will 2021 be promising for me? Should i try my luck in a different country and make a fresh start somewhere? I see my transit Sun in 9th house this year on my solar returns.

Thank you so much in advance.



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Those planets in the 10th don't look like fame to me.

As you know times are tough, and I found only a glimmer of hope for now. Solar arc Pluto is trining Mercury in the 10th. This looks like an opportunity in sales. Many companies hire engineers to be salesmen, and some of those jobs are highly lucrative.