Midheaven in Scorpio And Your Career


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Hi all,

I wasn't particularly interested in posting my own chart, as I wanted to hear from other people with their Scorpio MCs... what they were doing. I just wanted this thread to be created so that if sometime in the future, near and far away, some stumbled across it and found that it somehow applied to them, that they would answer, and then I could go and check it, or other people could check it too, of course. :lol:

Granted not everyone with a Scorpio MC will answer, and not everyone who answers will have a Scorpio MC.

It just seems a bit vague what the Scorpio MC is all about. Something meaningful? Well that could be something to different anyone, anywhere, at anytime. Doesn't it more mean that it has to be something that other people also find meaningful? For example, a doctor because other people see a particular meaning in that, that it bears a certain significance and represents something very deep and important?

Well, I decided to post my chart, and course I won't turn down a discussion about it, but I also want to see other people's charts. :love:

This is not a "read my chart" post (I hope it doesn't get moved :unsure:), so maybe it could be adapted into "people with MCs in Scorpio and people who know about MC in Scorpio," talking about charts... :lol:

My charts attached are, in order:

1. Equal House
2. Placidus
3. Whole Signs

just stumbled upon this, now in 2020. i habe Scorpio midheaven cojuct pluto....pluto square Mars in aquarius 0°, saturn conjuct mars in aquarius ascendant almost 3°, moon in 8th house virgo.
Now I'm a math teacher, i have been working for about three years but i feellike I want to change the career.