Micro Research Question: How Did You Spend Feb. 20th (Lunar Eclipse)?


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I got 4 hours of sleep... woke up several times and had an early class... fun stuff. This could also be attributed to personal issues, but at the same time I usually hate Virgo moons.... and this one opposed my sun/mercury.

Joseph Ledzion

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Eclipses are definately worms-holes, a 4th dimensional portal to the astral and causal; that's why they used to be feared (and still are sometimes!) Bad things have happened during eclipses related to the collective world, and perhaps it is because most do not connect themselves to themsevles enough, and allow chaos to rule.

Yet the people of the Earth must have a Unified Will, in order to continue to evolve; and right now, dear friends, there are enough people who are aligning themselves with the Light that it overpowers the Dark. It's greater than 50% of the population. That means that if someone is negative, and in your presence, you get stronger in your essence, because they polarize you towards yourself, toward the light. Take advantage of this. It's like turning on a light switch. The light has overcome the darkness for the 1st time in over 13,000 years, since the sinking of Atantis, according to Thoth who spoke with Drunvalo Melchizedek. Continue to resist darkness, for the Light grows.

Yet you can do the meditation as discribed above for any cycle you wish, going as far into the future as you like. But here's some more magic for you.

As an example, during a Mercury Retrograde, the meditation would be done to build mental stength, clarity and stability. Meditate on the "shadow" points.

In fact if you have seen the pattern that the retrograde cycles make around the Sun over the course of a couple years, it reveals the Sacred Geometry patterns, the Flower of Life, the Genisis, the Creation Pattern. Thus meditating during each of those exactitudes aligns your Will to the Logos, in which you may recieve higher light and awareness.

If the whole world did this ! Where would we be in our consciousness ?

Another thing dearest Ones. Meditation is easy. I used to think it was hard. You can do it -- just quiet the mind and sink -- a whole universe opens inside You.


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I look at any eclipse...espiecally solar as a road into a new world. A new beginning..completely..
eclipses used to be feared by those who didn't understand the power..
one can use this power to grow and change into a higher consciousness.


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thats bizzar as i quit my job
i felt i was being a robot and not a valuable worker in which i was previously in my last job. i was a nobody there, so were the rest of them, but my leo moon conjuncting my mc, and transiting sun in 4th house i felt i was usefull at home more.. how bizzar sun 25 aqu moon 5 leo 18 sco rising pis intersepted in 5th?