Methods of chart interpretation


Time to break your chart into little pieces and see if we can put it all back together again (kind of like charlie and the chocolate factory where Mikey is put into a billion pieces and transferred whole again in the television this is what I am going to do with you :smile:.

Lets look at the Sun in your chart. (Idea: Astrology For Yourself)

The Sun Key phrases

My source, centre, will, vitality and life force.
My potential for creative expression
My ability to focus my talents and to realize my life purpose.

My planet the Sun is in the sign of ... Taurus. My Sun represents my purpose will, and power. I can best express this potential by fulfilling my need to be resourceful, productive and stable (key words for Taurus). However when I am using these sign qualities unskillfully, I may be materialistic conservative too security orientated.

After you have examined your Sun sign try and see how your Sun (sense of self) interacts with the rest of the chart. This level of interpreting is now for the more advanced student.

This is how it is broken down; using your Sun opposition Pluto aspect:
Sun = planet A Pluto = planet B

Planet A:

Planet/Sun = what (my basic identity and conscious purpose)

Sign/Taurus = how (my need to be resourceful, productive and stable)

House/4th where (establishing foundations, roots, and the source of emotional security.)

Planet A (Sun) forms an aspect to planet B (pluto) -

The opposition opposes creates tension with/needs to balance with:

Planet B

Planet/Pluto = what (my capacity to transform and renew myself.)

Sign/Scorpio = how (my need for deep involvements and intense transformations)

House/10th = where (through my career, accomplishments, fhow I unction in society. Authority figures, persons in power.)

Now, in your own words synthesize the above sentences, to form a few lines of interpretation.

Your sense of identity seems to be deeply rooted in your family, and your past. Throughout the course of your life you will cultivate being practical, persistent and enduring. The Sun in your chart represents your true sense of purpose, and is the source of your power. Following along the path of the Sun will give your life the direction you need as you 'develop' your personal resources in your private life, maybe through property, real estate or by making your psychological foundations more stable.

However, since Pluto the planet of deep transformation is connected to your sense of purpose (Sun) it is vitally important for you to know when you are in need of change and new growth. Your life may involve periodic changes which seem to erupt into your personal life and shake YOUR sense of your security and safety, especially through how you function in society, you may need to balance your home and public life.

You will learn what true inner self sustainment means from the very roots of your being. You need to balance your need for a career and powerful place in the world/society with your opposite need to feel firmly established in your roots. You can probably interpret more accurately, through adding your own experiences of this aspect. You might look at powerful authority figures in your life, your ambitions, and what inner security and upheaval/changes and transformation and achievement in the outer world mean to you. Look at your whole Sun profile this way until you build the reading up, and you can read it more fluidly with less 'astrological jargon'.

This is an excellent way to teach astrology. I have been able to somehow put it together but to teach it to another is challenging for me. I love this!