mercury,Uranus,pluto inconjunct Ascendant,how do people see me?


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Quincunx aspects (also known as inconjunct) are not spoken of much as they aren't classified as major aspects. I don't know of any, however I'm certain that there must some published literature which discusses the subject of quincunxes. Quincunxes are considered to be minor negative aspects. So whilst negative aspects create tension and thus make you fight for what you want, the struggle isn't as tough as if it were an opposition and would be some what less challenging. Oppositions, on the other hand, would cause a sort of "tug-of-war" like effect between the two planets involved.

You are lunar ruled so in terms of your basic personality think of Cancerian traits. E.g. caring, emotional, motherly etc.

Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto as you already may be aware of, are generational planets. Due to their slow transits there are many of us born under the same placement of these planets, and even the same degree.

Pluto is all about slow and gradual transformation. As it is placed in the 6th house of Sagittarius (optimism/pancreas health wise), you may experience a gradual transformation and learn over a period of time not to be overly optimistic about your health and diet (particularly the pancreas as Sagittarius is related to this organ). Drinking alcohol could also be something to be watched very carefully too.

You may come across as if you are unique rather than weird. (I don't personally like associating weird with Uranus/Aquarius for moral reasons. It may put the subject down). The inconjunction to your ascendant may make you different. But again you probably don't struggle as much as it is inconjunct aspect and it is gradual. As the placement is 8th house wise, it could be related to matters of sex, intimacy, gambling, borrowing money, secrets? As Uranus is on the cusp of its domicile sign and is conjunct the Sun, the Uranian qualities (e.g. humanitarianism) tend to be emphasised.

Exalted Venus makes an exact trine to your ascendant and that too from Pisces in your 9th house. Firstly you may well be an instant attraction to the opposite gender, so this is a big + 1 for you. You may be a traveller who has and will travel many a place. Venus (material possessions) puts a great emphasis is on beauty and spending money. Be careful not to overspend though. All in all a great aspect. Trines are smooth.

The strong opposition from Jupiter in its fall sign of Capricorn in 7th house could make you face great challenges about your relationships/longer term partners/business partners. But the good news is that this placement could counter any tendency of over optimism (as mentioned earlier).

Hope this helps. :)