Mercury transit to vertex?


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I was looking into upcoming transits and for me, around the time of this solar eclipse on the 21st, Mercury is coming into conjunction with my vertex and Neptune is really close to my anti-vertex at the same time. Is there any significance to that transit? I don't know much about them, but it seems like it might be important. So, I wanted to ask.


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I am late to the party in replying to this one, but if the OP is still in the forum they should be able to answer if anything happened with transit Mercury conjunct natal vertex.

I had that same transit a few weeks ago and it came and went without notice... although in year's past I did have a relationship break up when transiting Mars was exactly conjunct my natal vertex so I know there are times when transits to it are telling.

The upcoming new moon will be conjunct my natal vertex by a small orb (like 3 minutes of a degree if I am remembering accurately), but it is also going to happen at 4 AM where I live so I doubt anything interesting will happen at that moment (although one never knows).

Shortly after the new moon I will have transit Venus hit that point and eventually Mars and Jupiter so if the new moon activates my natal vertex there may be more to come with the other transits. I will have to wait and see.