Mercury Retrograde And Karmic Debt


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So I’m going to try to cut this story down into segments


So i was best friends with this girl Jenna for 3 years and she was always jealous of me and plays crazy mind games. She would lie about getting into car accidents on a monthly basis she would always pretend to be in the hospital. In all her relationships her boyfriends would come on to me even in front of her face. Guys she would say she was madly in love with them she would always tell me how cute me and her boyfriends would look together. She told me she changed her style because of me. As the years went on realized she was crazy and all she caused was drama. 7 months ago she tried to break up the happy relationship I was in by spreading rumors to my boyfriends best friends sot could get back to him I calmly confronted her about she admitted it and I told her I was parting boyfriend also agreed that she was crazy

Present day

Mars Pluto and mercury retrograde
Me and my boyfriend broke up a week before those planets went retrograde. The break up was kind of okay we still talked every day and he still showed he loved me. Out the blue on the 18th he calls me and tells me I’m a horrible person just out the blue and he keeps on asking me about this guy I messed round with that only my ex best friend would know about and he keeps on telling me not to lie. I tell him the truth that she hooked me up with her childhood friend 3 years ago. He tells me I’m lying and that I stole the love of Jenna’s life. So I ask myself how could that be true when she keeps on trying to hook us up and how could he allow her to manipulate him like that. He turned into a person I didn’t recognize.
Is this a karmic relationship or a one sided karmic debt? And everything starting happing the minute mercury entered the pre shadow zone and mars went direct.

My horoscope for mercury retrograde also says a old friend may enter my life to pay a karmic debt and allow me to move on


pluto is also retrograde now april until september, which may be more serious! :)

i can't really unravel the rest of that, there's not a lot of astrology in it, and a lot of hormones. maybe read a book or do some crochet until october. i don't know, you're only young once, but you'll remember it (or some of it..) for the rest of your life.

i also learned, some people are really sneaky, and have very different values, and people act in coordination to set people up. but of course you have a much better vantage on the reality of your life than i. i'm old, and the idea of fornication as a recreational activity, like a theme park, not something bearing grave, dire consequences, is relatively stunning. protect your heart and the hearts of others.

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In the past, whenever Mercury went retrograde a certain girl I have unfinished business with would pop into my Facebook for a fresh round of what the Jamaicans call ****ery. What started out as a crush became a very toxic attachment. I finally spilled my guts to her and cut her out of my life. She'd show up to my job a few times before it was finally done. So I can relate to that retrograde, it's not gentle.

I can't give you astrologically based advice since I'm also a beginner but what I've learned about Karma is to stop, face it, accept it, pay up and never make the same mistake again. Another thing is that people like that have no place in your life so your best bet is rooting her out like a weed, settling whatever you sanely can and leave it. All things considered, her retrogrades are going to be a *****. :innocent: