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Mercury is retrograde on my MC right now and opposing my natal neptune on my IC....

I know I should avoid signing contracts when Mercury is retrograde and certainly when it is opposing my natal Neptune, however... I can not avoid signing this one particular contract. I have to submitt a grant proposal before April 30th... It is important that I get this funding as the non-profit I run needs all the funding it can get.

Does it make a difference if this is for the non-profit and not me personally?


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Thanks Olivia for replying... let me ask you this, you talk about strong mitigating factors.

Would the fact that the chairman of the board who approves the grants asked me to submitt it be a stong mitigating factor in my favor and that the co-signing partner is a Rev. of the same church this chairman attends?

Also, wouldn't the 10th house stuff apply only to self promotion...not the promotion of a non-profit business where the funds will be allocated?

Could it be perhaps that they would need clarification on some of the intended information, but not necessarily a rejectiong of said document?

Oh and another questions... marriages... isn't that 7th house stuff not 10th house stuff.

awwww... Why is it that when ever I have to do one of these stinking proposals mercury always goes out???


I'm not so sure what "strong mitigating factors" are, but I believe I can help clarify. A marriage is a contract. I don't think the house position matters as much as retrograde motion does. That's why she asked if you can pick a time and place to sign it; you can elect a time when Mercury is in the 12th house, so that it will be "turned away" from you, and not affect the contract as much. (If I'm wrong Olivia, please correct me.)

Edit: Oops. Posted at the same time almost. If I am wrong I will delete my comments. :smile:
I personally don't feel the merc retrograde that much having a natal mercury retrograde. I've had to live with the idea that, 'if it can go wrong it usually does' scenario all my life. So I'm used to double checking, dotting I's crossing T's delay communications -- having to 'spell out' things to people who insist on misinterpreting things or have lost paperwork etc.

This time around is hovvering over my venus in 4th which is conj sun & mercury, so I'll let you know if I get further problems -- but not expecting them really.....


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Similar issue myself, Mercury ruler of my MC turns retrograde in my 9th and guess what? I'm moving. Something I've been waiting to do for many years now and can't quite wait as we might be put out of the place we're at soon anyway. Going to a college maybe 1,000+/- miles from my current city (which I dislike anyway so I can't wait to leave), I just hope my transport doesn't crash or that the paperwork doesn't turn out that I can't attend or have to wait until the next semester leaving me to figure out what to do until then or something *knock on wood*. Interesting that this stuff is happening as the according-to-some modern ruler candidate of Taurus Ceres is in Capricorn.
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I think you might have misunderstood... or I mislead you... or there has been a communication error! Oh heck... I've been retrograded...

I was talking about transiting mercury! Oh dear!!!!

Anyway, have a look at my chart.

So was I ---T mercury is also squaring saturn,moon conj in6th work, daily routines, health etc. T mars in 12th is therefore a frustration of energies to and opposing saturn/moon in 6th. There is a good point in that T Jupiter is now conj 8th house cusp of 'other people's money/resources' Now Neptune rules 8th house and mercury 2nd and these two do have a trine 120' connection. So I think you could well get this BUT there will be delays, problems with paperwork, letters to and fro etc.

Whilst writing I would suggest not posting the link to your account on astro cos anyone could go in there and mess around with things. Much better and safer to download to your computer and upload here after reducing image to smallest 63% in Extended chart selection.

21/21 May T mars will conj Asc and frustrations should end and things move forward. You can track these using an ephemeris.


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Thanks Astrologer 50, I was hoping the jupiter conjunt would help out here. Also, I am already feeling the T square to saturn/moon in the 6th... actually working out in mother area (had a commuication issue with her concerning another business I run with her... good grief) Also T Mars 12th house , could be others behind the scenes slowing down a proposal I made earlier and the subsaquent audit the' powers that be' are making into this other business. I am looking forward to the end of May... I know until then I will need to lay low and let others take center stage. Of course Neptune is T 7th house now this makes partnerships somewhat confusing for me...but they are necessary for this non-profit and other business, perhaps this too will be releaved by the fact that the non-profit is about art!

Awww.... life! Ain't it grand :whistling:


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PS... thanks for the heads up on the post re; my account... serves me right for posting so late in the night as I am buring the mid night oil preparing this proposal...

I have removed it however can you edit the post where you quoted it? I would appreciate it :biggrin:

Another one for the universe! LOL