mercury dasha


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My mercury dasha is coming next month.Has anyone experienced this?what can i look forward to?

my darapada and upapada also my Darakaraka are ruled by mercury so what can i look foward to


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I was born during Mercury's Mahadasha, so I didn't actually see through all 17 years of it. I was too young to remember my Mercury Mahadasha the years 1985 - 1996. Mercury's placement in all divisional charts will activate those areas in your life depending on its placement in each divisional chart. Aspects to natal and transiting planet's in each chart will produce a different results, and so it is difficult to say what exactly will be beneficial for you and will not.


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Hi all, I just read this post about mercury dasha. I also have mercury dasha in my horoscope dear. In my birth chart, mercury dasha occured in 1994-2008. It gave good effect in life in the field of education and money as well as health.Mercury is responsible for intelligence, communication, studies, writing, speech and ability to do business in native's birth chart. But with all these, it depends on other planet positioned in birth chart, sometimes it effects good in native's horoscope and sometimes it effects bad. Mercury is one of the planet of astrology aspects that calculated by astrologer dear.


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it starts on sunday for me.Mercury is my Darakarka it is also lord on my navamsa it is also my darapad and upapada.So will these be more eventfull than my saturn dasa which was extremely bad and boring


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it depends on what houses mercury signify in your chart, merc's star lord and sublord.
whats your Asc
these are my charts virinchi


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