Mental stress and financials


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Hello, Could someone please read my chart? DOB 20 Nov 1970, 4:54 AM, Dombivali, Maharashtra, India.
I am going through a bad phase in life - divorce after 21 years of marriage, too much mental stress, financial issues. Several astrologers have said that I do not have a happy married life in my horoscope at all and so I am going to have to be alone all my life. My married life was stressful throughout as well. I am trying to accept that loneliness, depression is a part of my life going forward. If anyone can tell me what aspects of my life are going to be good, I can focus on those and try to make life a little more bearable. What is my life purpose according to my chart? I am stuck in this city because of my job. Any chances of relocation to go near family - parents, brother,sister? If yes, when? Thank you so much for your time.
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hemag, if you have already consulted with several astrologers, I don't think that I will give you a better answer. The question is, "If life hands you a lemon, how do you make lemonade?"

Basically you have Saturn in your 7th house opposing your Venus, Jupiter, sun, and Neptune. Saturn opposite Venus can indicate disappointments in marriage. Jupiter rules your second house of money. Although Jupiter rules the principle of expansion, with Saturn involved, you cannot be too optimistic about money, but must pay attention to frugality and budgeting. The Saturn-sun-Neptune combination would be hard on anyone's self-esteem.

But let's take a closer look. Saturn in the 7th house of marriage can also mean marrying later in life, marrying an older person, or marrying someone who seems very Saturnine in some way (for example, someone with Capricorn prominent in her chart.) Saturn rules self-discipline, which is a good skill for all of us to acquire.

There are many ways to stay active and involved with other people. Children if you have them, or nieces and nephews. Friends. Siblings. With the moon in your 10th house of career, you have the ability to mentor younger co-workers. Saturn rules older people, so especially think of visiting older family members more often, or perhaps volunteering at a care facility for seniors.

If you find your mind is too pre-occupied too often with negative thoughts, I hope you will seek out a psychologist or counselor. Depression can have a medical explanation, so I hope you will seek professional advice about it.