Mental illness


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Hi neshand. While this doesn't apply to everyone with such an emphasis, an emphasis on the earth and water elements can reflect a predisposition towards anxiety. These elements seek a sense of containment and sustenance, where as fire and air are more interested in the freedom to realise new possibilities. Of course air and fire have their own fears, and earth and water are very creative in their own ways, but nonetheless, earth and water tend are more prone to feelings of insecurity.

According to Greene, in 'Dynamics of the Unconscious' (highly recommended), Scorpio and Capricorn are particularly prone to depression. These are the strongest signs in your chart, and having Saturn on the mid-heaven adds to the Capricorn emphasis because there is an affinity between Capricorn and Saturn.

In order to get information from your chart which can potentially be useful to you, we can look at the general 'process of becoming' associated with each of these signs, looking at which factors are in these signs to make the interpretation more relevant to you. We can also look at other relevant features of the chart, Like the square aspect between Moon and Saturn, the square between Sun and Chiron, and the placement of Venus in Pisces, as well.

Perhaps the first thing to note about Capricorn and Scorpio is that they are the most southerly of the yin signs (the yin signs being the signs of the earth and water elements). This means that you have a keen sense of your relationship to the collectives, groups and other 'greater wholes' of which you are part.

Scorpio is a water sign, and has a natural inclination to bind with others on a feeling level. Where there is insecurity, feelings of great vulnerabiliy can arise. Because we are so vulnerable to suffering on a feeling level, strongly Scorpio people often feel disempowered because they feel unable to maintain a sense of well-being. Having a sense of being bound to others on a feeling level means that one is not in control of what one feels. The Moon represents the function within the psyche that we use to adjust our position from moment to moment so that we maintain our connection with sources of protection and sustenance. This is an instinctive process, and if our instincts have become too fearful and self-protective, the Moon can generate excessive and unproductive anxiety. When the Moon is on the ascendant, these issues colour one's general sense of what it means to be an individual in this world. When this is all happening in Scorpio, an intense sense of vulnerability and powerlessness can colour one's sense outlook on life. This isn't a permanent trait, however, because feelings and instincts transform when they are allowed into consciousness and witnessed. There is a brilliant video on You Tube by Eckhart Tolle, called something like, 'The Most Powerful Video on Spirituality', which is worth watching for guidance in this witnessing.

With Uranus also on the ascendant and conjunct the Moon, there is a sense that your Uranian need for experimentation will have a very strong bearing on how the above is experienced. Scorpio seeks consolidation through its intimate encounters with others and with life, but Uranus feels life the truth must be found at all costs, and that one shouldn't settle into a rut. Scorpio is also a deeply transformative sign because once we have surrendered control through the experience of intimacy, energy is released and we are changed. But in so far as Scorpio is afraid of being out of control, there may be tension between a part of you that needs change and a part of you that needs to protect yourself against traumatic upheaval. Some with this combination of factors may act as a catalyst for change in the world around them, perhaps finding that they go from one situation of upheaval to another. If you are depressed, it could be that your Uranus needs are being suppressed, so you may only experience its external manifestations.

Capricorn is an earth sign, which means that is adapts to life by focusing on the practical and the sensory, rather than by feeling its way along. So the earth element is much more boundaried than water, and more likely to try to be self-sufficient. But as a yin sign it needs to feel contained, and so it tries to organise and control the material world in order to provide such containment. As the most collectively-oriented of the earth signs, Capricorn experiences a need to use its organisational abilities in the service of some greater whole. Social awareness is strong, often leading to inhibition and an excessive sense of duty. But alongside that there is a sense of being separated from everything because of earth's strong sense of boundaries. Consequently there can be a sense that there is something useful to be done, but often also a sense that on is on one's own in achieving it, and this can be overwhelming and lead to not trying, or it can lead to overcompensation and/or an overly conformist approach. It is important that Capricorn faces fears and tries to do things, but also that solitude is used to get a sense of one's true integrity, so that the efforts are an expression of personal integrity rather than a need to live up to the expectations of others.

With Sun, Mercury and Mars in Capricorn, where you are with regard to this Capricornian process affects the your ability to shine as yourself and to work effectively with the world around you.

I'll have to carry on later, as I've run out of time for now...


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I'm including my chart here for review. I'd be interested in knowing if some placements, aspects or degrees point to mental illness.

For something as specific as this, a more accurate birth time is necessary. Almost no one is born exactly on the hour or half hour. Please see if you can find someone who was there at your birth to find a time that is before or after 1:30.


That is very interesting, Ilene. It sounds like Saturn is quite the trouble maker. I will check out my daughter & mom's chart and see if they have anything similar. Thanks so much for your input.


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Jupiter is also involved in anything that expands beyond normal processes.

And asteroids, I still believe, while not a mover or shaker, will be the signposts along the way.

I've already produced a signpost set for Borderline Personality Disorder.


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Hi again. Venus is the function which allows us to endow things with value and worth, not just other people and objects, but ourselves too. Pisces is a water sign, but differs from Scorpio. While Scorpio is concerned with the energy released when people are intimate on a feeling level and how such intimacy can act as a powerful catalyst for the transformation, Pisces is concerned with feeling at one with everything, which brings about a rebirth which has a different flavour to a Scorpio rebirth. Venus in Pisces finds worth in this sense of at-one-ness, trying to lose the self in something in the search for beauty and value. It is considered a very fortunate position for Venus, but can bring suffering where a sense of separateness prevents the attainment of the ideal of at-one-ness.

But having both earth and water strong in your chart suggests that you can ultimately strike an effective balance between openness to intimacy with others and with life, and a sense of realism and personal boundaries.

An important feature of the chart is the close square between the Moon and Saturn. This aspect makes more compelling the need to find a balance between your earthy and watery needs. It also suggests that when your energy is flowing more freely you can channel instinctual and practical wisdom dynamically into whatever you are doing in life. But while you are healing, this aspect could contribute to lack of self-acceptance and a need to try to remain in control. Working on issues of control, and what it is that makes control so important to you, is probably a focal theme in your healing journey. Self-control as a way of avoiding something which frightens you about yourself, because as a result of your sensitivities and your birth into an environment which resonates with those sensitivities, you perhaps feel overwhelmed by the sheer intensity of the life-force which wants to flow through you. How could you trust and let this flow, when you are convinced that life is not on your side? But there are no sides - there is just life. Any sense of who we are which leads us to believe otherwise is misguided.


Thanks for your analysis, Miquar. It certainly seems to reflect a lot of the conflict that I feel in my being. As I've been reading about astrology of the soul, I have given much thought to possible past life/karmic connections, primarily because my mother says I was even anxious as a tot. Yet I can clearly see from what you've written that all of this goes hand in hand. I'm amazed that the planets can have such an effect on an unconscious and subconscious level. I will get the book and watch the video that you recommended. I'm a huge fan of Eckhart Tolle by the way.

What you said about Uranus, Saturn, Scorpio & Capricorn in my chart is fascinating. I am certainly someone who feels a great sense of responsibility, an overwhelming desire to make major change in the world, and yet there is a wall of fear and overwhelm that paralyzes me. It is a frustrating internal tug-of-war that I hadn't known was connected to astrology until right now. I've known for a while that the full moon often unsettles me, but I'm thankful to now have a means for greater awareness about other transits and influences.

I must also say to Frisiangal that you described me in saying, "a very private and rationally-minded person, yet one who puts up a front, keeps their thoughts and feelings to themselves, whereby everything festers inside just waiting like a volcano to explode." I may take private to extremes with solitude, but otherwise I am quite a rational person. Of course doctors label me as mentally ill so I have these diagnoses (major depressive disorder, PTSD), but I am very much aware that there are alternative explanations to everything. That is why I am studying astrology, energy medicine, spiritual healing methodologies, etc. Knowledge is power and I plan to use it to empower myself.

Thank you both for sharing your knowledge.


For something as specific as this, a more accurate birth time is necessary. Almost no one is born exactly on the hour or half hour. Please see if you can find someone who was there at your birth to find a time that is before or after 1:30.
My mother and my birth certificate say 1:30AM is my birth time.


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Hi neshand. I'm just putting this in because our posts crossed and you might not realise that I added the last bit to the post I didn't have time to finish earlier. Thanks for your response to the earlier post.


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I knew a man who had schizophrenia and abused alcohol for a large part of his life, but ultimately overcame these challenges and was a very giving and delightful person to be around. He was a private investigator and specialized in finding missing persons, and had a soft spot for disenfranchised youth and those struggling with substance abuse. He claimed to have memories from when he was a baby, and also could write mirror image with his left hand (he was naturally left handed, but forced to write with his right hand -- so when he write with his left, it was backwards!).

He had a notable t-square in his chart:

Rx Mercury/Venus in 12H Aries opposing Moon/Rx Neptune in 6H Libra, square to Mars/Rx Saturn exact conjunct and exact conjunct IC in Cancer. He also had Sun in Pisces in the 12H. Taurus Rising. Ruler of his 3H and 6H was Mercury. Ruler of 12H Neptune.


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This is all very interesting. I am new to astrology, but have experienced severe depression, isolation, anxiety, etc. ***NOTE: I AM NOT LOOKING FOR COUNSELING NOR DO I PLAN TO KILL MYSELF. I AM STABLE, SYMPTOMS ARE WELL MANAGED, ETC*** I don't want the moderators to panic and delete my post again just because I have a mental illness. I'm simply curious if there is any indication of this type of psychological defect in my chart because the issues showed up at a very young age. I am 37 now.

The same issues have been problems off & on for my mother and daughter
so I wonder if we all have something karmic going on that shows up in our charts.
the word 'karma' means 'action'
actions have consequences :smile:
also known as 'the law of Cause and Effect'
'karmic' = experiencing the consequenes of actions

I'm including my chart here for review.
I'd be interested in knowing if some placements, aspects or degrees point to mental illness.
By the way,
There are 255 worldwide births per minute
4.3 births every second (2013 est.)

keep in mind that on the day of your birth,
more than three hundred and sixty-seven thousand other people were born as well,
some of whom, due to locality and time zone
would have shared very similar natal charts,
including same ascendant,
yet no astrologer can categorically state that
'all of these people definitely, without any question, would have mental health issues'.

Also, there are those who have 'mental health issues' and yet have no 'natal T-square'

while there are those who have no 'mental health issues' and yet do have 'natal T-square'


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How do you make a leap from schizophrenia to serial killers *etc*?

Mental illness? This is a label for all sorts of conditions from anxiety, agoraphobia, depression, thought disorder such as schizophrenia,.....and others, none of which make a serial killer of themselves

In answer, I dont know of any research or studies astro wise for mental deranged killers, rapists, gangland bosses, and ll who live in violence, and I dont believe you can look at any chart and see this...

Some say an afflicted mars via outer planets could be a pointer, as mars is the planet of violence amongst other thngs, same pointer could point to a brilliant surgeon eg......but like much else in astrology there is too much to consider...there is no one sign IMO

if anyone knows any different would love to hear it


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"Whatever the present moment contains, accept it as if you had chosen it. Always work with it, not against it, make it your friend and ally, not your enemy. This will miraculously transform your whole life."

Eckhart Tolle

Thanks for introducing me to Tolle, Miquar.


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Some indicators of mental diseases according to M. Dupor's Astromedicina pp. 41-52:

Phobia: Mo/Sa/Ne/Ur afflicted in VIII.

Hypochondria: Mo-Sa 90 Hyleg; Mo in Earth sign afflicted in I/IV/VII/X; Ur 90 Sa in the IX; Asc in Earth sign + Ve 90 Mo or Ve 90 Sa; Mo 90 Ne-Ur-Me in I/IV/XII; Sa 0 Mo in VIII/IX; So 120 Mo and Aqu prominent.

Autism: Mo-Me-Sa in Vir/Pis/Cap Asc; So-Mo 90 Ma-Sa in the XII; Sa in Asc + stellium in VI/XII or Vir.

Mania: Sa-Ma in XII in Leo/Cap/Ari/Vir/Sag; Me in fixed sign 90 Ne in XII; Sa in III, VIII, IX, XII + afflicted Hyleg; Me 180 Ne in XII.

Insanity: So-Mo 90 Ma-Sa in Leo/Sag/Pisc in VI/XII; Asc Lord in XII 0 afflicted NE.

Paranoia: afflicted Mo/Ne in I/IV/VII/X + Hecate in XII; Sa 90 Malefic in VIII.

Schizophrenia: So 90 Ur + Malefic in IV; Malefic in VI + Sa-Ur cadent to Mo.


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Hey! I have Mercury combust Sun! (Mercury 28 Aquarius, Sun 00 Pisces)
I used to be crazy, but we're okay now. *shrieks while being forced back into straitjacket* :D


This is chart of my mother who, since 1997 was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia:


I am scared to the bones I will be as sick as her in the near future... I already developed anxiety neurosis, and I think I have many traits of paranoid personality disorder...

Here's my chart:



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Oftentimes, but not always, hard aspects involving the moon are found in charts of people with mental illnesses. Fortunately, the medical profession as well as society as a whole are becoming more enlightened about mental illness and its treatments.


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Check out of bounds Planets and Points in the chart.

Jo - You have an out of bound moon which is not that unusual. It changes by progression. Your mother also has the OOB Moon but she also has an out of bounds Venus which you don't have. Her Venus is conjunct the 12th house cusp which could factor very high into the illness. Her Moon rules her 7th house which could show as Paranoia. Your Moon rules the 11th house of hopes and wishes..thus worrying this is going to affect you. Your Moon is in the 10th house conjunct Chiron. You could very much have a career as a healer if you wanted to but it also shows the wound of your Mother which you need to process. ** Disclaimer - I'm not a healthcare professional. If you think you have serious psychological issues - Please seek the help of a professional - NOT AN ASTROLOGER.


Yes, I am already under psychiatric supervision. He claims I only have an anxiety neurosis. Next week I will start individual psychotherapy.

However, more and more I read, more and more personality disorders I see in myself, or signs of prodromal stage of schizophrenia. More and more I am scared about fully developing this illness. I feel I am slowly retreating and giving up on living, because in the end I will be mentally ill anyway, so there is no point in trying to change, all what's left is analysis, constant analysis. I analyze life of my mother when she was about my age and how much were she similar/different to me.
I hope this year I will get better.

Thank you and thank you Kite for the effort and information you provided, it was a very interesting read.


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Mental illness on the natal chart could be attributed to a person having a lot planets in the 3rd house, which rules the mind. I know Capricorn is prone to nervousness and having many planets in that sign could indicate nervous issues.

On the outside, I can seem calm and collected while on the inside I'm very neurotic. I have five planets in Capricorn and my 3rd house is packed with planets as well.

2nd house: Uranus in Capricorn

3rd house: Neptune in Capricorn, Saturn in Capricorn, Mercury in Capricorn (Mercury rules the 3rd house so it's apparently happy here), Sun in Capricorn, Moon in Aquarius, and Venus retrograde in Aquarius.

I have a stellium with the Capricorn placements and the Sun and Neptune are conjunct with Uranus. Capricorn also rules my natal 3rd house.