meeting twin flame when I was 1 years old?


Theoretically, if I met my twin flame when I was 1 years old, would I have known? Or could I have known?
There's a person in my life who I keep having dreams about. I've known them since I was 1 and I've been thinking about how that would work if they really are my twin flame. I wouldn't have had anything to compare what it was like meeting them and I don't remember how I felt after I met them.
I do faintly remember meeting them possibly because there's a picture of it.

What if all this time I've known my twin flame but it didn't feel different because it's been there for a majority of my life??
I recently saw them after a long time of not seeing them and it brought back a sort of crush I had on them when I was a kid, and those feelings have been following me around for the past couple of years.

Is it possible this person is my twin flame or am I getting completely over my head????
I'm not in contact with the person now, but I think of them daily.