Meeting my brother for the first time in my life!! Will we get along??


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HI Everyone! I always knew I had a brother and I recently found him on FB. But sadly he did not want to get to know me for whatever reason so he kept on ignoring my messages and comments while answering everyone else but me. Then a year later (today) i think he had a change of heart and out of the blue messaged me asking if I would like to meet with him in Europe this month. I said yes. I am a little nervous but super excited. We are close in age so we might have a real relationship. Please could you let me know what you think of our synastry? What kind of a relationship will we have? I really want to get along well with him.

I am in blue and my birth time is correct. He is in red and his birth time is unknown.


Here is the grid. I am horizontal and he is vertical.


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One of the first things I noticed is that you have Mars conjunct his Sun and he has Mars conjunct your Sun. That is sometimes kind of difficult. It can be impatience and an inability to sit back and understand each other's lives or Points of View.

His Mars may become impatient with your personal values/self worth/ strong sense of self.[second house ] He may feel jealous or envious of something that he believed you had, and he didn't. Like stability or a sense of belonging? [Sun/Pluto in 2nd/Scorpio] Your Sun is exactly sextile his Venus so that is good for building a solid relationship.

Your Mars may become impatient or frustrated with his detachment and lack of communication/connection. {Sun/Uranus in your 3rd conjunct Mars/Venus] But the Venus/ Sun conjunction should be a great antidote for that excitability/impatience.

Your Moon trine Moon may be able to override any nervousness if you can find a quiet, comfortable, safe place where you can really listen to each other. Moon in Aquarius trine Moon in Libra should be able to relate very well to each other. Find a neutral place that is airy, high up, not cramped or confined, like a mountain with a beautiful view, or a nice library or bookstore , with comfortable quiet visiting areas/

You want to tap into the best of your Libran/Aquarian natures to be able to overcome any anger/bitterness hung on to from past misunderstandings. [Moon square Pluto---Mars conjunct Pluto]

His Moon is conjunct your Chiron. That is a very powerful emotional connection. He can feel your 'wounds' and you can sense his as well. You can heal each other if you can get past the initial awkwardness and discomfort. There will be a few 'elephants' in the room that one feels awkward discussing. But it will be well worth the effort.

His North Node is conjunct your Moon. It is important for him to move forward and get to know you and accept you into his future. I think you might have more self awareness than he does, at this time. He tends to run away from discomfort. You dig deeper into it. I think it will go well.