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Dependent Origination (pratītyasamutpadā/ paṭiccasmuppāda) is the Buddhist doctrine of causality.
This system of thought maintains that
everything has been caused into existence :)
Nothing has been created ex nihilo.
This is useful
in understanding how there can be rebirth without a belief in a soul


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On the whole, we naturally tend to trust our everyday perceptions
we assume their validity
without it even occurring to us to question them.
We naïvely believe that the way we perceive things
is identical with the way things are.
And so, because events and things, including the self, appear to have objective reality
we conclude, tacitly and often without any reflection at all
that they do in fact have an objective reality.
Only through the process of careful analysis :)
can we see that this is not so
that our perceptions do not accurately reflect objective reality.
His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama


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What if I told you elephants are destroying their habitat.
It is getting so bad that soon they will have nowhere to live.
I am sure you would think that the elephants are being stupid :)
to destroy the very place they need for survival.

Now substitute the word elephants for human beings :)
That is exactly what we are doing.
We are killing the very place we need to exist.
We have very little time left to reverse the damage we have done.
If we destroy this planet, there is nowhere for us to go.

All the money you have in the bank, all your lovely clothes, your beautiful house and big car
will mean nothing if we destroy the planet.

Yeshe Rabgye


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Great talk. A bit long.

Ajahn Amaro brings up something that, no matter where we go, is almost always encountered - competitiveness. Even amongst meditators and practitioners of all schools there's some who think like: "Well, I can meditate for six hours, pleb, get on my level." Even we, with untamed minds, can think this way. 🙃

It's why solitude is best for practice. Sitting alone, you can battle the wild Tiger Mind without distraction.