Mean node versus True node


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Hi all, something has been troubling me for quite a while regarding which to use, Mean node or True node of the Moon. I haven't found much on the Internet about this, so hoping others with experience could chime in.

From what I found on the net from this link.

Which is better, Mean or True?

There is no agreement among astrologers as to which is better to use in chart analysis. There are valid arguments supporting the choice to use either one. They are never more than a few degrees away from each other, so it probably doesn’t matter much.

I have True node at 0 Pis 17

& Mean node at 29 Aqu 12.

I relate to both S. node Virgo & S. node Leo. I see myself as having both signs from my karmic past & been presented with yet more challenges in my life to learn to deal with these so called "gifts". I especially see the "crazy" Leo stuff coming out in me in relationships (7th house S. node), pride, needing respect, attention etc.

Are any others out there with the Node cradling the cusp, so that True & Mean node are in different signs ?? I'd like to know your experience.
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...Which is better, Mean or True?...I have True node at 0 Pis 17...& Mean node at 29 Aqu 12.
On another thread, Frank gave us the following link that you may find helpful Kaminari :-

I use the Mean Node......but only because I always have, and calculating the True Node (as a beginner without a computer) involved too much effort...So, since neither of those reasons/excuses are valid now, this might be a good time to consider carefully whether the True or Mean Node is "symbolically" more valid :-

As I understand it, the Mean Node assumes the Moon orbits the centre of the Earth (symbolising emotions/Moon as "separate" from ourselves/Earth)......and the True Node assumes the Moon and Earth share a common centre of gravity (symbolising emotions/Moon as an integral part of ourselves/Earth)......So, the symbology requires us to decide whether we incarnate as Souls that can "smooth the journey" by separating from our emotions/animal instincts (Mean Node) or as Souls that must grapple with the "wobbles of life" caused by our emotions/animal instincts (True Node).

And on that basis, I'd consider the True Node to be more valid than the Mean Node......[However the link I've given you concludes the opposite, based on experience/consultation with the author's clients.]
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Node's effect is more realistic based on Mean Node - perhaps because it is more related to trends, people opinion, etc. working in favor or against.

I prefer use of Mean Node.


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Thanks for the link & your replies EJ53 & dhundhun.

The article was interesting, especially for me when he mentioned that people with the true / mean node in different signs (like me) are "precious" & can serve as lab rats. Being a "man of science" I can attest that I've experimented on me to see if this stuff called astrology works. Well, in regards to the nodes, I still relate to both. I think I will have to let life unfold to see if I'm supposed to be "one with everything" or "an individual within the group", but I'm thinking I need to be both. Ahh, the humanity of it all !!