Me and Mom


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Hello All,

I was just contemplating the relationship I have with my mother and clicked on the Sabian Oracle and it gave me Capricorn 19*, which reveals to be "Five-Year-Old Girl Carrying A Huge Bag of Groceries/Young Girl Proudly Doing Her Mother's Marketing".
I was astonished! I used to go grocery shopping all the time with my mom when I was a little girl. It was one of my favorite things to do. I wanted to help her pick out the food we'd eat. Of course, I wanted to make sure she bought the RIGHT kind of cookies for me! But I also had to help her carry the loaded bags into the house, that was part of the deal. And I remember some of them were too heavy for me but I still tried to lift them!
Anyway, I was just curious as to what others may see in this sabian symbol. Any thoughts are appreciated! Sincerely, Goat11


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Hi Goat11..this from a refernece page I use:

FIVE-YEAR-OLD GIRL PROUDLY DOES HER MOTHER'S MARKETING Capacity to take place ahead of normal standards. Increased self-confidence. Waiting for conditions to catch up with self.
___*When positive, the degree is an effective breadth of participation in everyday living, and when negative, indiscriminate conformity to every passing fad.