MD of Venus in the 7th house?


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Venus is in an inimical sign but exalted navamsha. Its dispositor is opposite the Sun. It is a yogakaraka planet for ascendants owned by Saturn.
The Moon is in a trine from Venus. Both the planets are artistic. Therefore music, arts, dance, etc would interest you during this major-period of Venus.
Venus has the aspect of Saturn on it. This is an approaching aspect. Therefore you are likely to enter into a long term relationship or marriage in the major-period of Venus. This would not be a good time for close relationship with the family of the spouse.
You would like to travel during this period but you have to guard against colds and illnesses arising out of exposure to cold.
Venus ought to improve your finances substantially. :smile:


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Hi, fellow astrologers!

I'm in need of aid interpreting my upcoming Venus MD.

According to your chart and your position of are an emotionally indulgent guy but at the same time restricted experience basically a tug of war in your mind regarding relationships...your logical mind compel you to go west but your heart force you to go east...

your spouse will be attractive with amplified beauty expressions ...but emotionally stubborn due to influence of saturn..

there I see a little ego clashes in your married life..the drishti of saturn as you know is quite conservative which creates a kind of fear of getting deviated from the cultural roots..therefore this attitude will be or may be present in your spouse..however there is a tendency of weight gain in your she need to be cautious...Your spouse might hates discipline ...but would proves to be of great role in your spiritual advancement...

and yes - Venus is your Amatyakaraka, that means your profession should be somewhat related to that true..?
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himanshul, thank you very much for your reply! All you said is true.
Although, according to Barbara Pijan, the 10th Navamsha lord is a more accurate description of your employment. And mine is Pisces, with exalted Venus. So I don't know if I'll have a profession of Jupiter (teacher, for instance) that is Venus-related or if just Venus will activate the 10th during it's period and I will have a jupiterian profession.

Coincidentally, you also have Jupiter as the lord of your 10th Navamsha. :wink:

You can take it as the other way...the foremost and the most effective rule in determining one's profession is the Atmakarka...not sun ..since it is the natural atmakarka..but the one which is having the most of the degrees in your chart(I mean the planet) first find your atmakarka..and that is your divine job which the almighty has provided you in this lifetime..secondly talking about amatyakarka..its the medium by which you will get to your divine profession...for e.g if you want to go somewhere..the destination is your atmakarka ..and the medium by which you will reach there..either by car or bus is your its a simple puzzle I leave it for you to diagnose..but certainly if your amatyakarka is venus then definitely the way is through venus..
Ok bro..!!

Info: actually my atmakarka is also jupiter so the lord has assigned me a specific duty to erase the ignorance of people by teaching them..and my amatyakarka is mercury so my way is through mercury..and quite interesting to know is that in my D10 chart the 10th house lord is also mercury exalted in full power man...:)
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