MC/IC conjunct IC/MC in synastry: positive aspect?

Blue Lioness

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hey guys!
I heard once that people who have their axis aligned in synastry have a strong connection through life.
this way, I noticed I have my ASC/DC aligned with my brother's MC/IC and I also have my IC/MC aligned with MC/IC of a close friend. I was able to understand the ASC/DC-IC/MC connection, but I can't find any info regarding the IC/MC-MC/IC alignment. What does it mean when someone has the Midheaven opposed to yours? Is it positive or not? In this case, my friend also has the Sun conjunct my MC.
someone could please give me a clue? :)


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It is a very powerful connection, but whether it is 'good' or 'bad' depends upon the aspects to those angles. Are they being trined and sextiled by benefics? OR are they being squared or quincunxes by malefics?

If the charts have good synastry, then it is a very positive connection. But if they are strongly under attack, then it might be a difficult aspect to deal with because it is hard to separate and let go of each other perhaps.