Match starting in less than an hour: Rosario Central - Godoy Cruz.

The Part of Honors at the start of the match is at the trine of Mercury who is the master of the MC in Virgo.
We can expect at least 3 goals in this game.
Yes I saw that hahahahaha I calculated and recalculated I don't know how many times and I always come to the same conclusion.
So unless the match started at least 1 minute and 23 seconds late, I really have no explanation😕 the problem is that I have no idea how to find the exact time at which a match has started. So if someone could tell me that would be great.
The arabic parts are calculated with the AC or other start of the house as well as the planets so the exact time is very important.
And you make me laugh just to answer "lost".
Should I tell you the matches:
KTP - Gnistan.
Costa Rica - New Zealand.
England - Italy.
Finland U21 - Norway U21.?
Basically I only make predictions on coaches and countries without needing to know what time a match starts, but don't worry next time I will indicate how many minutes late my prediction will be valid if it is it's about predicting goals😉