Mars Transit? Or Saturn Transit? As Biden Stumbles Badly While Boarding Air Force One


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They violated President Trumps Privacy rights this morning
a search warrant is supposed to list exact items and rooms to be searched
and you can't open locked boxes without a warrant for that actual box :)

about time that someone pointed out that the 2nd amendment exists to empower the American people
- also, if necessary, against our own government :)

Against Tyranny.
We not only have the right to bear arms
we also have the constitutional right to overthrow an authoritarian regime
that tries to take away our freedom and rights.
Thank you, Chip Roy a politician who embraces the truth of the Constitution

and is articulate in his argument

"...When once a Republic is corrupted
there is no possibility of remedying any of the growing evils
but by removing the corruption
and restoring its lost principles; every other correction is either useless or a new evil..."

- Thomas Jefferson



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C'mon the 80 million people who voted for him couldn't be wrong.
You're all delusional, he is the greatest president yet. (Said no-one) :)

Australian news reporters are reporting about this
and not the American media - they protect Joe Biden at all costs
President Joe Biden shook hands with Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer
at the White House before appearing to forget the interaction
and waiting for another handshake :)

The encounter took place during the signing ceremony for the CHIPS and Science Act of 2022.

Honestly, glad he is shaking hands with a real person this time lol
scary to have a president who forgets what he is doing almost instantly
Potato of the United States
aka Joetato.
The people that put him in power should be prosecuted for elder abuse if not treason



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"...Madam Speaker
You Are Not God...!':
Madison Cawthorn HUMILIATES Nancy Pelosi in Fierce BATTLE

Impeach a former president? Huh? WTF! :)

her husband Paul not being charged on felonies for his Extreme DUI :)
he also got a Corrupt judge
"...Madam Speaker you are outnumbered...!!" Love it!