Mars square Saturn in synastry


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Hello. I was just looking at my ex-manager's chart (yes this is yet another chapter in my endless ex-manager saga), I just realized that we actually have Mars square Saturn. The orb isn't very tight (it's about 6 degrees), however I believe it's still in orb.

Before I was only focused on our Moon square Moon, and to be honest I have no idea how I managed to miss this. But anyway. I now think I know why things fell apart so rapidly. It was almost like the things I would say would just make him really angry. To the point where he would swear at me, which might not seem much but you have to realize that he's a Libra sun, the most cordial, polite sun sign of the zodiac. Imagine angering a Libra so much that he hurls profanities. This is how much I got on his nerve.

Everywhere I look online, I see bad, doom and gloom stuff written about this aspect. Words like "ouch", or "the relationship will likely falter before it even has a chance to begin", "one of the worst aspects to have" fill the pages. I would even venture to say that this aspect is THE single biggest red flag. Probably even worse than Moon square Moon. And I believe to make matters worse, this particular aspect probably has disproportionately big impact on my chart because my Saturn is prominent in my chart. And probably in his, too, cause his Mars is also in an angular house. At least both our Moons are in cadent houses.

Anyway just wanted to get that off my chest.
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My parents have Mars (my mother) conjunct Saturn (my father) on or close to the exact zodiacal degree of Mars’ Fall, 28 Cancer. My mother’s Mars rules her Aries DSC. My father’s Saturn is conjunct but out of sign to his Zero Leo Sun. They were married 14 years and divorced when I was 10. I never saw them yelling or being inappropriate towards one another. I’m sure they did have fights, obviously, they got divorced, but it was not so out of check that they exposed me to the drama. I did Feel it sometimes but I FEEL everything so that is on me to handle. There was never any struggle or attempt to power play during or after the divorce and it was not nasty nor did either use me as a tool to manipulate the other. I saw my father every day. He picked me up for breakfast then school. Even though my mother worked at that school and I could have easily ridden with her. I saw him whenever I wished and zero Leo will find plenty of things to do with the child. Movies. Dinner. Shopping. After time passed my father and the woman he dated (and eventually married) were invited to Christmas morning at my mother’s house. When I performed in a show and the tickets they bought were not together they would ask to be moved so they could sit together. People assumed they wanted to be far away from each other and were surprised when they requested the change. 😂 So this aspect is not impossible to wrangle but may need a very good reason to do so, and a child is definitely that—at least for them it was. It may even be some kind of glue if the 2 involved to not flee or become monsters. I recently dated a man with Mars in Capricorn 2° orb opposition my Saturn in Cancer. Mars was in his 12th house and mine as well. My SP Saturn was exact in opposition to his Mars and officially switching status from direct to Rx by progression at that time. The station itself has been in effect for years already. There was also an Eclipse with the Nodes exact Square his Nodes and my Sun 2° orb conjunct his South. Ruler of Eclipse, Mercury Conjunct the New Moon and Rx 2021. This Eclipse was a week after our first date and considering the other aspects I was waiting for the other shoe to drop. My Uranus conjunct his Libra Sun and square his Jupiter. And we had Mars (mine) conjunct Venus at 1 Libra. He called me one day the next week with an urgent problem. We needed to talk immediately if I cared at all about this relationship. Well, I will definitely do that but at this moment I am caring for my child and another child so you have to wait and I urge you to relax and calm down. I had no idea what he was tripping over but I knew that Mars in 12 was maybe blind to him. And I knew I had the potential to Uranus his Sun and I’d not hesitate if he pushed me. I’ve been pushed before and I’m too old to play. But he insisted and he made a grave mistake by throwing it out over the phone (duh—if it’s that important do it in person) and also by not letting it go when I humored Him—which I was not required to do. He was so out of line and accusatory and casting judgement even after I addressed his concern and explained something that was none of his business and was quite painful and should have erased the concern all together. It also warranted a bit of sympathy as well as “I’m sorry I asked—I made an assumption and I was wrong. Thank you for addressing this with someone you’ve been on 3 dates with. I feel like an *******.” 😂 NOPE! He would not acknowledge that and so I said “Date Someone Else” and hung up. He called immediately over and over. I would not answer and finally texted him. I’m not playing games and life has taught me not to give 2nd chances in situations like this. I am sorry and I wish you the best, I am a little baffled but not really because this was all looming and I saw it in the astrology you asked me NOT to mention because you didn’t believe in it. ✌️ 👋