Mars, Saturn, Pluto 8th House in Scorpio


i have never posted here before but i was having trouble finding out information about something in my chart, so I figured i would come here and see if anyone could help. I love to research and dont like asking for people for help, so i was able to find out much information about my chart on my own. unfortunatly because of the nature of this particular question many are not comfortable discussing so it was harder to get information on. so thanks for looking!

anyway I was born june 21 1984 at 12:21 am in washington DC. pisces accendant, pisces moon, sun in gemini.

the part of my chart i am trying to find out about is my 8th house which is in scorpio. there are 3 planets in it. mars saturn and pluto.

i was hoping to find out about these signs in relation to death. see ever since i was little ive "felt" (guess it is the pisces influence) i was going to die young, and possibly violently. this feeling has never bothered me, i feel that if it happens it is supposed to. in fact I have a pretty good idea what may happen and how it may happen. i just want to know what an astrologer would say from looking at this as i could not find anything written on the subject.

i had no belief in astrology till recently so it had nothing to do with that. now that i have found astrology to be correct i was wondering if anyone knew what these signs might be indicating.
and if it is bad news dont worry. i am not afraid of death whatsoever. i am just curious what someone who knew about astrology would say honestly.



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First of all, your Eighth House cusp is located in Libra, not Scorpio.

There is a stellium in your Eighth House, so you probably thought about death often.

Libra on the cusp does symbolize a peaceful death. However, Mars, Pluto (two particularly violent planets) and Saturn (the Greater Malefic) are in the Eighth House and that could symbolize a violent death. Mars and Saturn are favorably aspected (because of its sextile to Jupiter), though.

Because Mars and the Greater Malefic are favorably aspected and the cusp of the Eighth House is on Libra, a peaceful sign, I don't think you'll die a violent death. Sure, Pluto does show that your death might be violent, but the peaceful representations outweigh the violent representations.

Venus is the Lord of the Eighth House and is in a tight conjunction with the Sun (death is important to you and very much a part of your identity) and in the Fourth House (of childhood), so it's no wonder you thought about death in childhood! It's also in opposition to Neptune so you and others may not see your death coming. Or your death could be from overindulgence in alcohol or drugs.


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Well, heavy stuff. Meaning your post. I want to lighten the mood in here, by saying that yes you are correct, what ever is supposed to happen will.

The 8th house is lots of things. Not just how you will die. I have a client with a similar chart, who happens to be an UNDERTAKER and a multi millionaire. That is shown in his 8th house. So, it may mean No violent death for him, but that he sees violent death results all the time, and it is other people's money and deaths that are his 8th house.. He deals with death. But he comforts the survivors and he is living his karma.

May I ask what it is that you do for a living?

This is also an aspect to be "born again" so to speak, in this lifetime. It literally could mean you will make millions and lose it and make it again. You could discover Jesus and be born again. You can be a counselor. Many things.

8th house is also serious love affairs. It also squares the 5th and it is how your love life is going to go. The planet placement is also the tendency to get STD. So watch out for that.

It can also mean the underworld, FBI anything alone that line. You can make your money that way, and perhaps you do already.

Where did you get the birth time? Is it accurate?

So, my friend, this chart does not scream violent death to me, but many many more things. I would stop *obsessing* over it and live your life to it's fullest.
the ruler of your 8th house is venus....this softens everything in that house in my opinion.... i certainly dont think you are going to go by a violent death looking at your chart.


well thank you to everyone who responded to a difficult subject. i greatly appreciate it.

NeptuneAscendant: thanks for helping me understand this. If i was trying to read someone elses chart and it was similar to mine with the cusp being diffrent to the rest of the house the cusp in libra is more important even though most of the 8th is in scorpio? I realize now from looking at it that pluto is actually in libra, but mars and saturn are still in scorpio. does scorpio pertain to death also or only the 8th house does? just trying to understand, thanks!

AquariusT: wow youre pretty good! let me tell you some things you got right!

first of all about the birth time, my mom has my birth certificate she told me this was the time. i was born when my heart stopped in the womb so they had to cut me out very quickly haha. so im pretty sure the time is accurate to the best of my understanding. is there something odd about it? just curious.

so when you talked about the FBI i actually applied right out of college to work for the CIA. They told me to learn arabic so i went to egypt for a year to learn for the job. During this time i discovered the "underworld" of politics that i never knew exisited. I had always believed we were the good guys. I hated the underworld after that moment and decided to turn down the job (even though it was good money)because I saw what they did to people in other countries and i couldnt do that. I guess now you could say I fight against that underworld and try and exspose it to all the people I know.

about the love affairs. I have had many oppertunities that i have turned down. half the time i dont even know why. Sometimes im even mad at myslelf the next day. Even though I can be passionate I am extremly cautious (probably overly) about sex. I guess its the saturn restraint.

about the religion i was a very stubborn christian until i went to egypt and met moral people from other religions. that blew my mind. I am very spiritual and i still hold to the good morals of the christian religion, but i am no longer dogmatic.

I understand what you mean by born again though, and i feel that too in my gut. I feel I have a very particular reason I am here this time around. I feel that things are going to change soon and I will have some things I have to do. I dont obsess about death though. The only thing I really obsess about in life is the truth, and my pursuit of truth has taken me some wild places!

my profession has been being a student for quite some time, floating around for a while after turning down the CIA and working some low paying jobs i disliked. now I am enrolled in Flight School getting my Pilots Certificate.

About death though I am not afraid at all. I think part of my purpose this life is to learn to face it and not run. to stand my ground and lean into the wind.
Thanks for your input and time, I was quite impressed.
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These three planets are ruler of death by the physical and by the sense.Person who has this combinations,means has more abilities about hospital,engineering,and re repairing type jobs.These three planets if supported by Jupiter it mean person perfact in the job,and always make works for the humanity,and if these three planets supports by NN it means person always want to destroy.


astrobhadauria said:
These three planets are ruler of death by the physical and by the sense.Person who has this combinations,means has more abilities about hospital,engineering,and re repairing type jobs.These three planets if supported by Jupiter it mean person perfact in the job,and always make works for the humanity,and if these three planets supports by NN it means person always want to destroy.

Thanks for the reply.
How can you tell if jupiter is supporting these planets or the NN? Is the NN the north node? sorry I am kind of new to this.


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You know that that’s an interesting combination. I have a similar combination too. It is called a stellium and it is to play an important role in your life.

I actually have 2 stelliums right next to each other. Pluto, Mars, & Saturn inside of Scorpio only it’s in the Second house of finance and personal values. I’m still researching this currently but it great to see out 84’ babies with a Scorpio stellium too. Maybe we can get others in around this too.