Mars/Saturn aspects


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I read that this can be a cruel aspect - capable of great selfishness. This is also a military aspect - able to stand great stress and discipline.

It's true for me of both. I have this aspect in Capricorn in the first. It also indicates someone who can not easily fluctuate their energy (ie driving with brakes on).

I easily get frustrated. I am learning to surrender more in life. My flow of energy is rather intense at times and rather apathetic at other times. I also have venus conjuncting this aspect. Poor venus!:(

I would of loved to of been born with a trine. Such a nice flow of when to be aggressive and when not to be. All in the timing. What are your experiences? tb


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Yes, I have read about the cruelty part of this aspect. However, I wish I was more cruel at times!

Maybe some do perceive me as more cruel tho. I can understand why. I feel like I always want to accomplish something. Sitting down, relaxing is more of a waste of time. Most people can not keep up with my focus. It can border on neurotic. One thing I did read about this aspect is the amount of concentration on something. This is true. I love delving into something 100%. The flow of energy in my mind becomes like an intense cylinder.

My cruelty could be my focus maybe? Oblivious to the needs of others at times, I feel TIME should be useful (ugh, how capricornian!). Maybe my apathetic side is more towards emotions?

The path that I am on spiritually requires effort and discipline (raja yoga). I am able, for the most part, to endure this. There is this inner part of me that loves it as well as I am finding how much I love simplicity.

Of course, this is at the expense of sacrificing personal relationships (as I said, poor venus lol!!). Just a thought, thanks for everyones responses. Blessings, tb
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Just read this. It's nice to read something positive on this apect:

A Note on Mars/Saturn Conjunction

by Chakrapani Ullal

It is not uncommon to see two or more planets very close together in a chart. It is called an astrological conjunction. A conjunction brings about a significant interaction of the involved planets’ energies. The effects can be malefic or benefic, depending on the nature of the planets involved.

Mars and Saturn are said to be in conjunction when they are in the same house, especially when they’re close to one another. They influence each other. For example, in this case of Mars-Saturn conjunction, Mars is a planet of energy, aggressiveness, anger, conflicts, dispute, and agitation. Whereas, Saturn is the planet of suffering, trouble, delays, obstacles and obstructions. Such influences of the planets are tempered by the sign in which they are located.These are further tempered by the sign in which they are situated. For example, Mars in Aries has a different nature that Mars in Taurus. Similarly, the Saturn is also influenced by the sign in which it belongs.

When such a combination exists in a chart, it is generally considered destructive But there are always elements of positive influence that manifest. While you are aware of the destructive nature of this planetary configuration, I can list some of the benefits that it can bring:

1. This combination enhances the ability to think, and brings logic, diplomacy and strategy which will help anybody to survive.

2. The combination increases the person’s ability to take challenges and does not allow them to feel defeated. Therefore, it makes the person rise to the occasion and fight it out and not get a sense of defeat, even when defeated. The Spirit becomes optimistic.

3. While it gives tremendous experience in dealing with life, by making the person go through all kinds of difficult experiences, these very experiences enable the person to rise above the circumstances and become successful.

4. Things which are difficult to change can be changed. It is because of this planetary combination that people or countries can make radical changes which would otherwise take ages. These changes ultimately bring progress.

5. These planets remove laziness and promote action and busy-ness.

6. This planetary connection promotes hard work, which is always good.

7. Mars, when aspecting the Saturn, gives power to Saturn. The power of Mars is energy and action. It makes people awaken to the challenges of life and become action oriented.

8. People who have a restricted boundary of thinking and who are afraid to go beyond these limitations created by themselves, when under pressure of the Mars Saturn conjunction, are forced to break the barriers and go beyond.

Apart from the Saturn Mars conjunction, similar types of results can also be expected, when Saturn and Mars are in mutual reception or in opposition. Meaning they are aspecting each other but in another way. The results of the Saturn Mars conjunction or aspects are different for different rising signs therefore one has to make adjustment in understanding their influences. When the Saturn Mars conjunction or aspects exist in an individual’s natal chart, the impending transit carries the dominant influence for those individuals; no matter what house or sign they are in transit. If the conjunction is not present in the natal chart, when they are just transiting in the sky, they may not make much impact especially when the Dasha Bhuktis are favorable in the individual chart. But in the case of countries or nations, the results may be viewed differently.


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Hello Teddybull and all, interesting thread :).

I have a Saturn/Mars opposition. It's rather heavy, concidering
- it's conjunct my MC/IC
- Saturn being my chart ruler
- Saturn in 10H
- Mars representing my gender
- Saturn in Scorpio, so Mars is it's co-ruler

Energy is definitly a problem: I suffer heavily from exhaustion and a general lack of energy, although this goes together with short bursts of extreme effort (Mars in Gemini).

Masculinity is also difficult, I find it hard to "be a guy". This can lead to me feeling insecure, especially around other males, trying to prove myself.

With Mars in Gemini, debating can also be a problem, although I've trained myself in that to be good at it if I want to be. It did lead me into a lot of conflicts in public when I was younger. A young friend of mine has Gemini Mars in 3H conjunct IC, making him very outspoken but also often conflicting with people in a public arena.

It has thought me that I can achieve what I want, if I just put enough effort into it. Learning a skill can take ages, but in the end I'll end up being an expert. A good example is my Aikido: I've practiced it for 7 years, having attainted a level far beyond that of a beginner, yet I still only have the lowest belt.

I tried Taj-Chi, but I had to stop because I have a condition which stops my blood from getting to my head if I stand still too long. Meaning that standing still for 15 minutes caused me extreme fatigue, never mind for an hour :rolleyes:.


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Yes, it is interesting.....

Sanem, Mars in Gemini people are very resourceful. They like to talk but they have a sparkling energy.

I can understand your fluctuation in energy. And yes, learning some skills, takes me time. I have to fully comprehend and internalize the skill before I can do it. I am also NOT technically minded.

One aspect of this energy that I totally manifest is I abhor laziness. I don't mind hauling my load plus some but I get VERY frustrated and angry when people take advantage. On the positive side, I never expect anyone to work any harder than myself. I will not take advantage of people.

Shining Ray, I totally agree about dealing with saturn after 30. For the most part, life has handed us a load of knocks by then. I also agree about having hard aspects. They just prod us. I have a trine to pluto with my cap stellium but my moon square pluto is always in demand. Trines, in essence, are sleepers. I guess they have to be triggered by transits. At least you know with a trine they won't fester you! Venus square pluto - wow. It sounds like you understand that energy and have uplifted it. I guess you always have to be on-guard with hard aspects. Lots of energy that can be channeled in right or wrong directions. Blessings, tb


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Guys, remember to individualize both energies. Mars is drive and action, Saturn is limitation and isolation. Depending on the aspect, again, they'll manifest differently. Since we've already concluded that the sextile and trine aspects would confer a flow of less limiting energy, and the conjunction and opposition have been somewhat elaborated on - I'll emphasize the Mars/Saturn square.

It isn't too difficult to understand the idea behind it, but it IS rather difficult to experience the aspect itself. Hard working is its theme; especially if Mars and/or Saturn are in powerful signs. You see, though, the square, in itself, produces tension. This way, the manifestation of a square between two malefics can't possibly be a pretty scene. Individuals with this aspect usually work extremely hard for a purpose, a goal, without achieving very much. It's kind of like being the overweight person in the gym. While the rest of your friends lose weight accordingly (the amount of work they do), you may do twice or even three times as much and lose twice or three times as much LESS weight as them.

This can be very much applied to either gender. Mars/Saturn (especially squares) is, indeed, VERY disciplinary and would be prominent in the charts of military officials or those very militant in character.



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Mars/Saturn aspects, to Catatonia


You said:
Mars is drive and action, Saturn is limitation and isolation.

To be fair, we must also note that Mars is anger and Saturn is structure. Every planetary energy has its "good" side and its "bad" side. If we ignore that, we ignore the potential in even the harshest astrological life challenges.

Looking at all possibilities,



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To second Tim, I do have the greatest respect for Saturn; I am pretty lazy, perhaps with good reason, but my favorite teachers are the ones who make me do things over and over until I got them right, even if that takes more effort than I'm used too.

Which is perhaps the reason why I'll complain less than my class mates if a teacher gives us a hard time, I just say thank you and ask for more :rolleyes:.

That said I've noticed I myself am extremely strict and demanding of others, but if they'll allow me to push them, I can greatly improve them.

A good thing about a Mars/Saturn aspect is that it teaches you to moderate: if you have a limited amount of energy you need to use it more efficiently than others. For example you can get great results with little effort, if only your timing is correct.


very interesting!
I know a young man with a 5th house stellium Pluto 29 Libra, Saturn 9 Scorpio, Mars 18 Scorpio.
He has a 12 house Leo Sun, Square Pluto...
He is healthy now, but as a child was sexually abused by a caregiver.. not a family member.. as teen, he acted out his rage against family, was physically abusive, arrested several times, and had 9 psychiatric hospitalizations.

Saturn transiting his Sun, Ascendant, Mercury and Venus may actually have saved his life. Two years ago he was a heroin addict... today, he is clean, working, talking about those things that used to send him into explosive rages, a musician and has a new girlfriend. His ex is still a drug abuser..

So much of what Liz Greene says is true, but I just want folks to consider that the *devil* may not always be the parents, it may be, as in this case.. someone outside the family. Though the rage will likely be expressed within the home.

This one is very close to my heart, the young man is my older son. Belle


I have Leo Saturn in 7th opposite Aquarius Mars in 1st. I think someone mentioned the low energy. This has plagued me for years, have high inflamation shown through blood tests but no defenitive cause. Read somewhere online that in medical astrology this shows up a lot in people with fibromyalgia. When i do get bursts of energy i tend to overdo it and spend days trying to get back to "normal". I am female so the "male" energy doesnt bother me. Overly aggresive men scare me so i have never been in a relationship with one. This Mars/Saturn aspect is part of a Tsquare with Uranus.


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Sanem said:
I have a Saturn/Mars opposition.
Masculinity is also difficult, I find it hard to "be a guy". This can lead to me feeling insecure, especially around other males, trying to prove myself.

i know a child who has also difficulty on "being a guy". the problem is the father. he hinder the "masculinity process" in the child. this child have also MARS opposite SATURN. and for me its easy to see, i cant understand how the father doesnt see how he beheaviours with the child!

personally i have MARS conjunct SATURN in SCORPIO, i can say i feel a kind of cruel side on me. i can also feel how my energy goes off the rail, while other times i am like stuck, and its frustrating.
In sexual terms i was sexually abused in childhood, and this is why i can feel a brake in my sexual life.
this conjuction makes trine to my SUN, so after all, something is helping me.


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I have Mars in Scorpio square Saturn in Aquarius...

I'm not cold, selfish, or cruel at all, neither do I feel inadequate as a man..I don't even have low energy...

I'm like the complete opposite...

Why is my experience of this aspect so different from everyone elses? I also have Chiron in Leo square Mars...


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Reading previous posts I'm not sure I want to admit to it but I have a fire trine between saturn in aries in the 4th and mars in leo in the 8th.

I believe it gives me stamina as I once had a job where I had to run and sprint from 0730 to 1730. I was in my 20's at the time so ultra fit but some blokes couldn't keep up with my pace.
During that time in life I once had to run for 4 hours straight in the dark, on station country, leaping fences etc in a single bound to avoid being run over and killed by my drunk, agressive employer at the time.

As for cruelty I worked in the shearing industry so had to turn a blind eye at the acts of cruelty that were happening around me, so indirectly I participated, but once I left the industry and was sickened by all the violence towards animals that I witnessed I decided to redeem myself and have being a member of animal liberation ever since.

I think I'd have it in me to be very cruel to a person that I caught harming animals or children now.


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I have an exact sextile between Mars (in the 1st) and Saturn (in the 3rd). I would say that I am neither particularly ruthless or particularly passive; I have bits of both, but then, who doesn't? Mine is an easy aspect, made easier by a Mars/Sun sextile and Saturn/Sun trine.

I would agree in part to issues in childhood; but for me these seem to come from different planets/aspects in my chart, and not necessarily the Mars/Saturn one.

Mr. Archergirl, however, has a Mars/Saturn opposition from the 4th/10th houses; his childhood was fraught with tension, fights, and general woe, followed by an acrimonious divorce between his parents when he was a teenager. Despite being pretty much abandoned by both parents at one time or another, he doesn't have the extremes of anger/repression that you might expect with such an aspect or upbringing. I would say that this aspect mostly manifests in him through a general misanthropy and tendency to get miffed over small things. His Mars/Saturn opposition also squares his 12th house Sun...but he is a pretty decent and relatively 'normal' person: not too many hangups, which might come as some surprise if you saw his chart. He has also mellowed with age; the nice thing about Saturn is you tend to 'do' it better the older you get, I think.



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My grandma has a tight opposition between Mars and Saturn. When my mom was a kid, my grandma would always flip out and fly into the most violent rages. Frequently, she'd take her four kids in the car and drive 100+ mph down a highway screaming swear words and how she'll "kill everyone in the world", "kill herself", and "crash this car into a telephone pole." She would also throw things around the house and have violent shouting matches and physical fights with her husband. She even knocked a 20-gallon fish tank to the ground once.


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That actually sounds like some sort of bipolar episode, N.A. Mars/Saturn oppositions *do* tend to produce 'anger issues', to put it mildly.

Mr. Archergirl's anger issues are all inverted; in other words, he gets other people to 'do' his anger for him by being so obnoxious that the other person flies into a rage. I am sad to say that I have participated in his little game several times during our marriage! But then, you don't mess with an Aries Moon and get away lightly! His middle brother, an Aries as well, used to get apoplectic with rage at Mr. AG; and to this day, Mr. AG insists that the 'problem' was all his brother's.:rolleyes:

I'll take my Mars/Saturn sextile, thanks.



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What signs do the 2 planets fall in - that would be impotant to take into account - like a fiery Mars of Leo or Aries would be by far more agressive than a watery Mars - as that would show the nature of energies and how powerful they are.
I have a tight Mars-Sat opposition as well in the chart (in fact a t-square with Pluto at the tail end), but, though, I might flare-up easily (mostly internally), I have never turned violent or even got really agressive - at the most I get loud at times. I guess watery Cancer, in my case, plays down Saturn a bit, and Cap Mars- helps keep the anger under check and sort of control, even 'discipline' those energies.


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Junke said:
I have Mars in Scorpio square Saturn in Aquarius...

I'm not cold, selfish, or cruel at all, neither do I feel inadequate as a man..I don't even have low energy...

I'm like the complete opposite...

Why is my experience of this aspect so different from everyone elses? I also have Chiron in Leo square Mars...

That could be because mars is the co-ruler of scorpio and is at home in that sign, and saturn is co-ruler of aquarius. So both placements are not in conflict even tho in square they don't compete instead create a pretty good machine.:)


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[quote/] His Mars/Saturn opposition also squares his 12th house Sun...but he is a pretty decent and relatively 'normal' person: not too many hangups, which might come as some surprise if you saw his chart. He has also mellowed with age; the nice thing about Saturn is you tend to 'do' it better the older you get, I think.


Welllll, getting mellower also probably has to do with his progressions forming more easeful aspects too.

My son was born with a kite involving many planets in fire trines...alas, those trines are now forming a coupla squares, plus mars & saturn not aspected at birth, is now in a many years long square by progression. It's got to do with not having a decent male to guide him I suspect and that is doing a slow erosion on him, sad to say.:mad: Why are men so **** selfish?