mars pluto uranus conjunction -- impacted how by upcoming 2010 uranus in aries?


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What will happen to my friend when Uranus enters Aries next year? I'm worried...

He has very close conjunction of pluto, mars and uranus in virgo--opposing saturn in pisces. An aries sun conjunct moon and venus.

Last year he went through the uranus half return and his whole life fell to accident, court, loss of job, girlfriend and home, nervous breakdown (obviously) and suicide attempts, friends abandoning him...I called out of the blue after a year to discover all this and him living in a homeless shelter. Poor thing, he's an absolute sweetheart, just with this intense energy...Kudos to him though, he made some dramatic and positive changes after that, both in his life and for this young autistic man he now works with. (I can see that working with autism is a good channel for the uranian energy at least...)

I'm just so concerned that this was the tip of the iceberg and that the upcoming transit of uranus into mars will just reactivate all this, except for 7 full years this time!!! Am I right to be worried? Any insights on how to navigate this would be SO appreciated.

april 1, 1965, coventry rhode island. sorry, no birthtime

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without seeing the chart of the person involved it's very difficult without a 'time' of birth and that's prob why you've had little responses.

You can plot these transits yourself manually with above or has free six month transit forecaster. has some great free resources for 'predictive' astrology too:biggrin:

From what you have said, it sounds like T Pluto going over either his MC or Asc
It is hard to rectify a 'time' but with solar arcs and dates, times things happening espec in childhood ie: house moves, people dying, leaving, etc....
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