mars opposite pluto


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What about someone with mars opposite pluto in their charts. Would they then get into serious conflict with everyone in their generation? Everyone's natal pluto would be opposite the person's natal mars. Would that suggest volatility in their relationships due to a mars/pluto opposition?
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Interesting question.
Yes, everyone born around the same period would tend to have their pluto opposite the person's mars, making for difficult relationships.
However, other factors can ease that somewhat, for example if there are strong positive aspects to any of the personal planets, Venus/sun/mercury/moon, or to the ascendent.
This same concept holds for other heavy aspects with slow moving planets like Saturn, Uranus, Neptune.
These are known as generational aspects.


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Well, Mars/Pluto opposition can cause a LOT of issues depending where it is in the chart...issues with relationships begin usually at home in childhood.

And yes, anyone you meet who was born near your date can be affected by this dynamic.
And it can get worse. Sometimes there are entire planetary configurations with the heavy planets which can make it almost impossible to be able to have a functional relationship with anyone born within the time period covered by that configuration.

So it would be better to try to find someone either younger or older...depending upon the major configurations in their chart....and of course, having the compatibility analyzed.

Having this issue (heavy planets square my Mars) I chose YOUNGER....although I don't know if ''chose'' is the word. It just seemed to happen that way.....
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