Mars on the IC/4th house


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Hi there,

I had my daughter this year and what was interesting to note was the location of mars directly on the IC cusp. My interpretation would be that mars could potentially cause conflict within relationships/domestic life. Also, the square to moon probably adds an emotional mix into there.

Incidentally, in indian astrology, mars in this location portends to divorce/separation and relationship issues. Is that anyone's experience with mars here? I suppose the argument is that the IC and any planets there directly influence the descendant, the house of marriage.

I note also saturn in the first house, which i have mixed feelings about (and which I think reflects the hard and delayed labour that i had!)


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Finding her true identity and feeling that she had a strong inner identity will be important for her.
At the right time, begin a program of socializing for her. Play dates, paying attention to what she likes, not getting anxious if her natural desire for making her room (her space) her own....

that mars is not by itself. It is part of a group of planets in Pisces. Her surrounding will be very important to her....colors, fabrics, music, finding herself in this world.
Her earth planets protect her and guide her. Don't use YOUR desires and values to superimpose them onto her. She will be stronger and more individualistic than you might sense right now.Try to avoid both comparing your planets to are not her and she is not you....
And don't take astrological information out of context and obsess about it.
She has a strong chart.
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My natal Mars is in my 4th house and conjunct my IC.

It shows lots of activity at home/ within family ( e.g. I train at home and/or by myself) , and yes, it may also mean conflicts.

My Mars also squares my 1st house Saturn. But I was born naturally, without delays or any problems etc. :smile:

But here, your daughter`s Mars is conjunct Venus in 5th whole sign house.
And I don`t think Mars is anything to be worried about.
She might just take up dancing or some kind of Venusian sport in her future. And it would be good for her (if she wants and likes it).:wink:

If you post your daughter`s chart in "read my chart" subforum, you`ll surely get more valuable information there;

Best wishes!
and a Happy New Year! :smile: