Mars-Neptune aspects: pornstars or sex addicts?


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Aspects of conflict act in the same manner, it's only how strong your planets r in their signs. For eg a Leo-Scorpio square would make one highly sexual.

That certainly got my attention... not only do I have the Mars in Virgo square Neptune SD in Sag aspect, I also have Moon in Scorpio square Sun in Leo.. you could say I'm more than a little sexual and prone to escapism.

Life has not been boring :whistling:


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I have Mars conjunct Neptune in 1st house.I'm not sure how it manifests itself.
No pornstar or sex addict here.Maybe addicted to chocolate yes...that could be.
Like I said I don't understand how it manifests in my life.Maybe cause now I'm going through a phase of stillness in my life.


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I have mars in 6th house leo square venus in 9th house scorpio
Stellium of sun,sat,jup,mercury and pluto in 8th house, i m overtly a sexual creatutre but abstained, either i can say i did get oppertunities and i have never been intrested to go along with those whose profession is the same.


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I think one of bad things about mars neptune also that is energy draining. I notice that people drain my energy I lack focus and I cant communicate probably also and imagination also drains me


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I'm curious what this aspect would really mean for a composite chart of a couple I'm currently doing. 12th house Mars/Neptune conjunction? My interpretation as it stands right now may...could indicate sexual tensions? not following through on a physical level? Any other input would be appreciated :) Thanks!


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Mars Nepetune is known as the ultimate passion aspect
No boundaries (Neptune) to passion (Mars)

Sex, god and philosophy.
Got Mars conjunct Neptune Sextile Pluto & Moon. Yes I'm a pornstar in bed. Addict? Hmm... I got Capricorn Mars & Neptune, Scorpio Moon & Pluto. It's quite restrictive, the requirements for the kind of partner who can really arouse me. Slight miss of substance inside their personality or the defect in not admitting or owning their deepest fears or negativity will make them a total turn off for me. A man isn't only hot or sexy in their outer appearance or charm, but also inside their core values and deepest respect for wholeness & understanding of human flaws. Once I get close to this perfect build, I get addicted to bed them for all night and day.


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My standards are similar.
Right now theyre being fulfilled by a Capricorn Moon Scorpio Ascendant Taurus girl with an Aries Venus-Juno conjunction in her fifth house and Pluto on the degree of her ascendant,
Not an easy catch. Almost anything less furious bores the guts out of me.
My romantic life has had a lot of drought for that reason, and Ive had to migrate to a place with "better" women, more feminine and unafraid. A place where they speak French, that is.


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Love to learn the real manifestation of Mars & Neptune as it's linked with hypnotic personalities, diffused assertion/aggression but an insatiable sexual appetite or personality that gets hooked on addictions.

I know someone with mars sq neptune with a mars in leo who is very provocative & like a pornstar loves sex. Definitely alot of charisma carrier too.

How does it come about for you folks?

I have Mars in domicile square Neptune and nope, no addiction to sex on my end.


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I've always associated hard Neptune-Mars or disassociated aspects like quincunx with darker traits.

Mars representing one's actions, drive, energy, desires and what one fights for and Neptune representing the ideal in ones life, dreams, fantasies, illusions, higher callings and delusions.

Put them together and you can often get people who may be very creative with fantastic imaginations (and sexual fantasies) but who never take responsibility for their actions. Throw in a Jupiter square Mercury and you've got yourself a full blown compulsive liar.

In other words such an aspect can in unfortunate circumstances indicate a person who displays some of the primary attributes of psychopathy/sociopathy:

1) Striking lack of accountability, refusal to take responsibility for ones actions, slippery personality.

2) Superficial charm that hides their true desires/feelings.

3) Alcohol and drug abuse - this is a huge one with Mars/Neptune.

4) Perpetual and chronic fantasies including delusions of grandeur.

5) Compulsive lying (links back into number 1)

6) A thwarted sense of self-worth and afflicted masculinity (in men of course). Neptune essentially waters down Mars and makes men feel more vulnerable and impotent.

Both Jeffrey Dahmer and Ted Bundy had Mars/Neptune aspects and it's supposed to be one of the recurring factors in the charts of real life psychopaths. That along with a dominance of Mutable signs.

This is also the reason why I think most convicted or diagnosed psychopaths are men because of the Mars/Neptune interplay. Many of it's implications are simply lost on females as there is often no sense of masculinity to thwart, different gender roles etc. Combine this with a troubled childhood where abuse is involved and the male child feels worthless, angry and that they have to constantly dodge or slip out of responsibility to avoid potential abuse.

More often than not however it just makes a person very creative with an aptitude for the arts, which might go some way to explaining the drug problems that many stars and creative types have!
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Pleasure is everything to me, would rather do it with someone i really love and they love me though, can't do it casually so a lot of time i will need the help of some p0rn.

Taurus Mars in 2nd house conjunct Taurus Moon.

Sun square mars.
Mercury opposite Mars.

Do i feel i'm addicted? no not at all can definitely live without it.


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I have mars conjunct neptune below 1 degrees in capricorn. I also have moon trine mars and neptune.

Where do I begin? I've always had a tendency to glamorize areas(friendship, love, family, education) of my life and when it does not live up to my ideals, I do anything and everything to escape.

I used to love to read, watch tv shows and movies, write fiction and use all of that to fuel daydreams that I would participate in for hours.(heard of maladaptive daydreaming anyone) I also had a phase where I loved eroticas and I love ****(probably watch it 2-3 times a month).

During the only sexual relationship I had in my life, I roleplayed a lot and I wouldn't be quite satisfied with just sex. I also like playing the role of a submissive in bed.

As for drugs, I have done weed and not a fan of it that much actually, and I love occasions where I get to drink. And I want to try hallucinogens. I have tried to end my life through sleeping pills at an early age after drinking but nothing happened. Currently I like the sedative effects of allergy pills if those details count.

And I have explored various types of religions, ways of life, and every time I used to find any type of flaw in the religion especially in terms of morality, I'd quit it. Now I'm agnostic, and I try to be more rational when it comes to this area. (But I do believe in reincarnation)

However, I am drawn to the occult and ancient gnostic philosophies that the world we live in is an imperfect world created by a not so perfect creator and the real god is so perfect that his awareness cannot even touch the imperfectness of this reality and we can escape this evil cycle if we shun materialism.