mars in virgo - 2011 - 2012

I'm looking forward as it covers my 8th house where Jupiter is posited, so am hoping for great things. Early degrees will trine my taurean stellium. Talking of quicker moving transits have you found a certain month where nothing happens whatsoever? mine is January where most planets are going through capricorn, my twelth. So I know it's going to be a time when I just go hide under the covers....


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yep. It goes retro and if I´m not mistaken it was very long in leo in 2009-10.
So you say you hate transits thru that sign.

Well virgo is not my favorite either. As an earth sign I do hate my fellow earth signs, virgo and cappy. But virgo transits makes trine to my sun, mer venus in taurus. So I should not dislike this one, trines from mars. Only it retroes not the whole sign, and as I have my planets at the very end/beginning of taurus, they are not transited but once.

Trines my desc two times thou. Lemme see. Opposes my moon - help?


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A50 - send us a ecard from that exotic island when you hit the big time!
my friend an 8th house taurus has the jupiter transit there and is awaiting a redundancy payment. she's frantic but thinks she will be ok.

do I have a quiet time astrologically - not lately no! too much going on.

Gwen - yes sept is just like depression time - I only worked out that this is cos of all the opp to pisces planets. the light shines when things move to libra.

I have the opp to moon, merc, venus , chiron and saturn to look forward to - 9 months OMG - oh yeah conj pluto and uranus too.

trying to put it in perspective (deep breathing) virgo is health - maybe i can work on that. thought the link was interesting about homeopathic remedies. maybe i need to address and take all details apart and reassess here.

I work in health though and it is going thro huge reforms in UK. so more nit picking and the like. I hate that kinda of stuff. I just like to get on with it. not the anal retentive virgo going over every small detail.
funny is making feel all itchy.

oh yeah and imagine what that transit might do to this forum!!! moderator heaven! :tongue:
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i really don't like mars retro. period.
i have natal mars retro.
it's like revisiting everything everything in your life that has p*i*s*s*e*d you off ~ in what seems like a stream of months in dog years.
something very saturnian about it to me, likely due to mars ruler of natal 10th.
this retro is dedicated to my 2nd house. i prefer it to the split~house retro's, if for no other reason than it's contained damaged control.
mars virgo/retro has buttered up my natal mars cancer, then moves sinisterally to square moon, snode and chiron in my 8th ~ then conjuncts natal pluto/nnode in 2nd then moves to sextile neptune in 4th, then trines jupiter and saturn and closes with an opp to venus.
hoping for some good make-up sex with myself by the end of it all. my mate might have to suffice.
one thing i've noticed already is i've honed my chops in arguments ~ nothing beats an angry, trunchant virgo in parliament.
virgo tries too boondoggle us with discretion, but don't overlook her memory or critical cut of tongue when she's in full on battle. mercury ruled precision and exactitude are her strengths.
sheez - i'm already woeing her movement into my 3rd following all of this. shall we agree to disagree? is my anticipated mantra when mars enters 3rd this summer.
until then, i'm gonna channel that virgo precision i to 2nd house money making...."let me explain why THIS IS MINE!"
so far, nothing worse than mars retro split of cancer ~leo in 2007 in my 11th/12th. a horrible time of stage entries followed by curtains down.
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why do you study astrology and all that we know about it if your only responses are geared toward the abstracts? ridiculous to me.
too serious some of you are ~ lost in your head.
in my opinion, quantum physics is more suitable for some of you deniers and naysayers.
I pretty much believe those who try to out explain planetary influences are usually the ones who free-will themselves right out of the good points we've come to learn and understand.
astrology is a road trip.
some are mechanics who want to explain everything about combustion to the nth degree. some are drivers who want the most efficient route to the destination. some are passengers who want to share their stories of the trip.


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thanks for your reply.
there is something on the 'MARS is WAR' thread about looking at a natal mars retrograde.

Looking back over last few years. I contract(virgo natally 10/11) for the period of virgo in mars I have not been in work! over last few this is either my contract finished just before or it finished around that period.

I can not afford to be out of work for 9 months. my current contract ends December!
Current contract has been for 2 years so I lasted a virgo in mars transit last July. but my contract was closely scrutinised and through no fault of mine I did nearly walk the plank.cept my pisces boss - very clever soul - stepped in! bless him. (Im pretty sure he has a number of aqua planets too cos most people think he is a bit crazy)

I have a kite formation topped by virgo so what is going on....................I think it is the uranus need for freedom.
on the day of the opposition to my natal mercury in pisces I have my last big meeting in this contract. Im already preparing myself.
Jan is not going to be much fun. I have saturn on my mars in 12th house, transit mars on pluto/uranus conj in virgo. and to top it the willowy neptune sq natal neptune.
oh what fun!(that is not even looking at my progressed chart). Jan is probably an ok month for me generally though.
The new Kate perry song is a lot of how Im feeling right now - too much dreaming and what if.
Im scorpio rising and aqua sun in 4th - Im think I reveal quite a lot considering.


so, thats where my reply to the "if you could edit your chart" went! so much for virgo precision! please disregard my 2nd post above, erroneously posted on this thread.
Sorry, Caro! (you can stop scratching your head now?)
; )
I s'pose i could move it, but i'm too lazy...


mars virgo ~
"LOVIN' IT!!!!"
Go figure ~
conjuncting my natal PLuto/NN conj 7'-6' Virgo in 2nd.
Just imagine....
Power on power.
It's separating now. Will return. How far is Mars going before retro?
Yesterday a friend offered me $100 to ferret out her ex husband, who recently moved to Seattle.
Five googles, a call to his new employer and confirmed employment which will be sent to Calif Child Support after 1.5 years of papa dodging the system.
MaeMae P.I.
Merc retro helping because of one piece of info forgotten by me years ago - he is a grad of UW and always keeps in touch with their Alumni Association.
Called them first and got reference for new employer and email.
About 1.5 hours work.
Mars transiting Pluto in Virgo~ quick, ruthless and precise.
Remiss not to add ~ Mars squared natal Moon 3' Gemini in 11th ~ Moon ruler of natal 12th ~ acttvated instincts and fight for friends and belief in what's right.
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Well done, MM!

This should be a whopper for me. My asc is 4 degrees virgo, mercury 7 degrees virgo, sun 18 degrees virgo. So, far...not so good. Just some typical martian issues of inappropriate anger. But should stay busy busy...we are packing up and heading to LA for an artist's residency for some of this transit...hopefully I'll be feeling better about mars, right now it just feels kinda brutal/brutish.


Nothing inappropriate about anger felt. Only in unruly manifest, which is Uranus' domain.
Own it! It's your doorstep to the world at this point.
Discretion is not an option for you now ~ Precision and correction is what your call is at the moment.


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I'm looking forward as it covers my 8th house where Jupiter is posited, so am hoping for great things. Early degrees will trine my taurean stellium. Talking of quicker moving transits have you found a certain month where nothing happens whatsoever? mine is January where most planets are going through capricorn, my twelth. So I know it's going to be a time when I just go hide under the covers....
Jupiter in the 8th well aspected can mean largesse for sure if the natal chart promises it along with the transits...In Taurus? money and assets affected I would say.....but all transits have to hit off aspects that are there in the natal chart. This is the essence of prediction and nothing that is not promised in our birth chart comes to fruition....


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I think it is helping with this mercury retrograde period actually.

have been waiting for a resolution on something for 2 months and got some info yesterday. its not a full resolution as have to wait again til the new year but it was easier to handle.

would like to hear from more virgo suns and virgo risings.............. how's it going?

(ive got progressed venus in taurus but jupiter is just hanging around the early degrees of taurus - so no luck there)


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Ohhhhhhhhhhh :crying: :andy:

I didn't know mars would be in virgo for sooo many time. :pouty:
Then it means that it will transit over my 2nd all this time :pinched:

*money fights*

Well at least it will sextille mercury/venus/mars, trine moon/uranus/neptune twice :cool:



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Ohhhhhhhhhhh :crying: :andy:

yes I thought the same, I did a double take of the dates.

but also rationally thinking maybe it will be ok with me too.(currently have the opposition to moon and merc in pisces though - its my 10th house so is work issues - must detach)

do you have cancer or scorpio planets?

maybe report back in a few months!

that mars film is coming out soon...............


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Hi Caro.

Yes, I have mars in cancer; and mercury/venus/pluto in scorpio.
At the moment mars is sextilling my natal mercury.

Let the movie begin xD


hey fragoso ~
mars transiting my 2nd exclusively as well. don't squinch. lots of energy other than just money. asserting your values and reconsidering them at this time. extra energy in making money and keeping it (if that's one of your values) and also employing the skilled eye of Virgo to help you define your values. not squinchy in the long run...


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It will be transiting my 6th house till July and January will place Mercury and Sun through my 10th. Right now Mars is activating my natal Kite. Kind of hoping I will see a new job after 2 1/2 years of unemployment.