Mars in synastry


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I have a small question regarding the position of Mars in synastry. What do you all think of a partner's Mars opposite the Ascendant, still located in the 6th house?

Is it a sign of attraction or it a sign of disliking eachother? How compatible is this?

The person receiving the opposition to the Ascendant has a 'damaged' natal Mars conjunct North Node (just like I have). It is: Mars in Taurus in 11 opposite Saturn in 5. If there is a relationship between these two people, how would this Mars work?

Thanks for your input.
Hello there,

I'm assuming that you're asking what it means if this person's Mars falls on your Descendant so here is my input:

I would like to tell you that Mars on an angle - any angle - is indicative of a strong attraction no matter what. So it's obvious that the physical attraction is there. The fact that it's on the 7th house however does point to the potential for this person to be argumentative and lack an ability to collaborate in a true partnership since there is an enormous drive to push his own agenda forward in the context of the relationship.

Hope this helps.


I know that my boyfriends Mars is in my 7th house. It's conjuncting my venus in Pisces. He's a Pisces as well. Since Neptune is transiting Pisces right now. The two of us also have a stellium in Libra. Both of our moons are in Libra as well as his Jupiter and Saturn and my Uranus. He's ten years younger then myself. We were drawn to one another like no ones business.