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Great Article on “I am Garry's Mars in Pisces”

I can relate this to my sister Lisa who had Mars in Pisces.

She did have a lack of defined boundaries – especially when it came to friends.
She would be willing to tell you anything about herself in the first meeting with her.

She did have a very hard time in school when she was young and had to be put in special classes. She also had a very hard time finding work or staying applied to a job. She was wonderful at working with the handicap and drove a van for a while in their care.

She did become generally involved with the church and tried “saving” friends or various vagabonds that she would meet. She had all walks of life for friends and associates.

(Saturn in the 11th house-- she never was realistic with who she hung out with.)

On May 17th 2001 she was out all night with her friends and/or whoever she met up with. She let some guy who she was trying help or “save” drive her Jeep. While he was driving her Jeep he switched lanes too fast and flipped it. My sister flew out of the back of her jeep and landed on her head on the freeway. I don’t know if she knew it or not but the man who drove her jeep was still drunk from the night before. She was killed at the age of 31.

(At the time of the accident Pluto was transiting her 6th house-oppse her moon and Asc.)

Also I think her Mars in Pisces kind of watered down her intuitiveness for trouble. When she was young she rented an apartment in a very dangerous neighborhood. She use to walk at night in crime ridden areas and was never very aware of her safety. This was very innocent on her part. She was just missing that gut reaction to “okay-I feel that this is not safe-I should leave.” When we would go out I would have to follow her around and watch and tell her “Humm, maybe that person/situation could be dangerous.” I bought her a stun gun once and I worried all the time.

That’s my share of Mars in Pisces. I think of my sister. Here is her chart.
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Arian Maverick

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It is interesting that your sister only has Mars in Pisces and North Node in Pisces; from your description, I admit that I was expecting a bit more of a Pisces influence, and I certainly wasn't expecting her Sun, Mercury, and Venus to be in Capricorn! :eek:

Yet your sister also has the Moon tightly conjunct the Ascendant, which I believe is the real "clincher" here; I have this aspect as well, except in Aries instead of Gemini, and the orb is about three degree wider. Aries and Gemini are both forward-thinking masculine signs, yet even though we've both got masculine Ascendants to boot, I believe the Moon has enough feminine energy to really turn an otherwise outward focus inwards; we are motivated primarily by emotions rather than logic, although logic still plays a supporting role. Feeling and sensitivity are key, and trust is also something that is often freely given.

She did become generally involved with the church and tried “saving” friends or various vagabonds that she would meet.

I find it particularly interesting that her natal Sun-Venus conjunction is tightly conjunct the ninth house cusp--the house that is typically associated with churches, religion, and philosophy (also higher education). Since Capricorn is the sign on the ninth house cusp, its ruler is Saturn in Taurus; Saturn in Taurus is in mutual reception with Venus in Capricorn, so I believe this is key.

I usually only find one pair of mutual receptions in a natal chart if any, but it appears that your sister has another--Mars in Pisces is in mutual reception with Jupiter in Scorpio! Jupiter is the ruler of both her seventh house cusp (partners and also open enemies) as well as her eleventh house cusp (friends, hopes, and wishes), so I am not surprised that you also mentioned her relationships with others--including friends. Jupiter is generally considered to be a "no-bars-hold" sign, freely giving of money, information, etc. since it believe in abundance rather than lack. However, Capricorn/Cancer is a pair of duplicated signs in your sisters chart, so it seems that this issue of abundance (Jupiter) vs. lack (Saturn) will play out prominently in her life. This is just a guess, though, so please take my words with a grain of salt ;)

I apologize that this sort of strayed away from the topic of Mars in Pisces, but I wanted to try to provide a more complete picture of astrological factors that may indicate why your sister is who she is.

Arian Maverick
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Thank-you for your wonderful in sight!

I did not mean to bucket too much into Mars in Pisces when discusing my sister.

The biggest benefit I believe for Mars in Pisces is the ability to unseflishly do things for others. I am sure if she lived longer she would have completed her dream of running an in-home care service for the elderly.


Arian Maverick

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The biggest benefit I believe for Mars in Pisces is the ability to unseflishly do things for others. I am sure if she lived longer she would have completed her dream of running an in-home care service for the elderly.

I'm so sorry to here this :(

Yes, I believe she could have with Saturn, the traditional ruler of her Aquarius Midheaven, conjunct the twelfth house cusp (hospitals and other places of care away from the general population).

This would have been particularly fitting, since Saturn is also known as "Father Time;" I believe he rules the elderly.

Also, Pisces North Node in the tenth house seems to indicate a type of almost spiritual career in which your sister could selflessly serve others as part of her service to humanity.

Arian Maverick
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hi there you all

I have Mars in Pisces in the 5th trining my moon in Cancer in the 9th and semisquaring my retrogate Mercury in Taurus 7th house.
I am sure drown to the psycological/mystical side of things and I have always been the person that was sought for insight or for advice. I don't feel that I have the capacity of logical argumentation but I do think that people are drown to me because there is ''something'' like an energy that sort of activates them to act........
In the process I feel blurred and I end up wanting to hide under the covers of my bed to calibrate the extra amount of energy I somehow intentionally gave to them by means of speaking(might be mars semisquare mercury there)
Mars in Pisces has given me troubles in my sexuality or my sexual affirmations so to speak. I was always attracting the opposite sex but I rarely was taking a step towards them
I just realised that I have 5 retrogate planets so I guess Mars in water is more hindered to act since a lot of energies in my chart are female/passive oriented...
I dunno... any thoughts?

Cheers Athan


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Doing a little thread Necromancy here to ask a short but pointed question: must Pisces always have altruistic connotations? It seems to me like Pisces and Aquarius are the two signs of the Zodiac that get aggrandized the most at the expense of a description that would be more all-encompassing of the different possible descriptions of the signs. I have known some Pisceans who could be very manipulative and not altruistic at all.

I say this partly because I have Mars in Pisces also, but I find that it relates more to my plain ability to imagine and daydream than anything else. My mind is equally capable of constructing a psychical utopia or a dystopia. And just to add a little spice to the statistics, I've never really felt it even remotely possible for myself to align with any ideal (positive or negative) other than that which exists in my own head.

Offering a different perspective,
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I have mars in pisces opposing my sun jupiter conjunction and trine my moon in scorpio. I can be very assertive also pretty impatient.


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Hello, Jagetoile!

It's lovely to see you!

Well, you might be right about this. I have Mars in Pisces in the 5th house, and Neptune in Scorpio in the 12th. I studied Psychology, so you can add me to your list. It could also be that most Psychologists have a strong Pisces in their charts. It would be logical since empathy is a direct consequence of compassion, trait that is very marked on people who are influenced by Pisces.

Psychology belongs more to Pluto/8th house and Scorpio. The 12th and Pisces deal with rehabilitation, hospitalisation and spirituality and charity. So those influences together would be a great support for each other.
I know someone with Mars in Pisces 5th who is into winter sports and snowboarding in particular as a leisure pursuit. Just another spin on it.

Lunar Pisces

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An interesting case of a Pisces Mars in the comedian Demetri Martin. I lost the actual birthtime, but he's a late degree Virgo rising with a Pisces Moon-Mars conjunction in his 6th house, squaring a Gemini Sun-Merc-Venus-Saturn stellium in his 9th and 10th house (Saturn, the last planet in the stellium, is conjunct his MC and in the 10th). Martin's chart is of particualr interest to me, as I'm a Sun-Merc-Merc Gemini, with a Pisces moon, a 6th house Mars (in Aqua, in my case) and heavy Saturnine influence, including a 10th house Sun. It's like we're twins or something.


Those familiar with Martin know his story, but I'll recount it down for those who don't.
Martin claims that from a young age he knew exactly what he wanted to be--a lawyer. Very odd a Gem child with Pisces moon, but chalk that up to that Saturn conjunct MC and in its own house plus Pisces Moon and Mars in the no-frills 6th. He felt he had to be responsible and career oriented from the get-go, no fussing around. He even married young, marrying his high school sweetheart. In his early comedy routines, he talked about dating he future wife, how he would keep an ever increasingly complicated set of scoring charts to gauge how "successfully" he was at making his relationship work, breaking it down into concrete statistics. Pretty funny. Anyhow, when Martin got to college--and also, although he rarely mentions this, after his father passed away from cancer--he started straying from his path, despite his Saturnine determination to see his plans through. He started getting involved with a comedy/juggling troop, and spent more time learning how to juggle and ride a unicycle than on his classwork. He also became fascinated by word puzzles and palindromes. His Gemini-Pisces duality was emerging out from under his Saturnine facade, and of course, beginning to create chaos in his life.

Yet still determined, Martin got into NYU Law School on full scholarship after graduating from Yale. He got as far as his second year of a NYU's 3 year law program, and then he dropped out, to utter horror of his family and his wife. Why? Because he wanted to be a comedian. His family begged him to tough it out one more year. But martin claims he just didn't have it in him anymore. He hated law school and although he had no idea what it would take for him to be a successful comedian, he decided that was his path. His wife began doubting her marriage to him, and eventually they were divorced once it was clear Martin was not going back to law school. martin struggled as most comedians do, but eventually found his stride, specializing in quirky, absurd comedy that allows him to explore his variety of often trivial "talents" and fondness for words and music (how Gem-Piscean).

Anyhow, there's an example a Pisces in mars person. Even with strong Saturn energy to motivate them down the straight narrow, they don't have the staying power. It's not really a weakness. It's just some people NEED to stray and wander and meander and discover themselves that way. God knows I do, with my Pisces moon ruled by a Neptune singleton.


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must Pisces always have altruistic connotations?

That would be a broad generalization. House, aspects, etc. Free will.

I know of two Mars in Pisces in my life now. They are both dreamy in their own special way. And they both work in the healing professions, one a doctor (Cap Sun) the other in a new age hair growth clinic (Aqu Sun).

So, if talking about Pisces Mars, from my recent experience alone, the answer to your question is Yes.

Being a Scorpio I am drawn to these people, but they are like butterflies, so hard to pin down to anything. That is Piscean. Merging with everything, committed to nothing.


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My father has Mars in Pisces, he works with economics and business. I've always looked at him as a kind of selfish man, who puts himself first and formost.
And, he is not very good at asserting himself in the world, he is very affraid of making the wrong impression on strangers, but can be quite hard and pushy towards me and my mom. He bottles up emotions and anger and explodes when it gets too much...


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must Pisces always have altruistic connotations?

Personally, I think for the description of the sign in its pure sense, yes (amongst other things); but as Kaminari has said and many others will say, in a person's chart you have to look at the rest of your configurations.

I like what Arian Maverick posted up, an article by Garry Somebody who said:
it's very important to give Mars a context that engages it

For myself, I feel like this is true (from the same article):
Mars in Pisces? It's capable of most things, but the motivation is key. Things have to serve some common cause, some greater good, otherwise the MIPP is going to zone out.

But my sun is also in Aquarius (humanitarian, socially concerned) and the 8th house (consciousness opening up to compassion and self renunciation) along with Jupiter.