Mars in 11th house - unlucky placement?


Is Mars in 11th house an unlucky placement in natal chart?

I've always have had some doubts about this placement...Read many descriptions where it was mentioned as quite good placement, but honestly...I rarely feel that. I guess that Mars on Midheaven is much better.

What is your experience with that placement? Maybe I can't be objective, because my 11th house is occupied by two planets and signs - so I have there Mars in Taurus and Chiron in Gemini, so it became even more confused with two different planets there and signs with so different energy - calm Taurus and restless Gemini. What do you think about it?

Maybe Taurus Mars is not that bad in 11th and what causes problems is Chiron in Gemini there...
Well first it's best if you specified what you see as unlucky with this placement. Are you having problems in things regarding the 11th house? Are you fighting with people or what?

First it's best to see what aspects you have to both mars and chiron. Maybe some other planet is causing problems. Then you also have to remember that mars is the planet of war. I think wherever mars is in the chart he will cause some problems because he is aggressive and isn't scared to start a fight with anyone. Mars in the 11th is usually a person that is against the system and wants to stand up for people that need help or are oppressed. But since 11th is social groups and mars can cause some problems it is possible that mars could start trouble with others in social groups. Since chiron is an asteroid of deep emotional pain, sadness and healing having it in the 11th would cause pain and problems in things regarding the 11th house.

Also your mars is in taurus which is not a good place for mars. Yes cancer is where mars falls but since taurus is ruled by venus the planet of peace and is opposite of scorpio which used to/is co ruled by mars taurus ends up being a bad spot for mars as well. I know many people with taurus mars (not in 11th house just in general) that seem to be against the system and try to do everything to run the world how they want. But since mars here is weak they can't really win that fight.

(Nikola Stojanovic aka Astrology in Serbia wrote an interesting article about the death of Hitler and he mentioned that he could never win the war with his weak mars in taurus.

The article is the 3rd one from the top, and he mentions this at the very end of the article. )


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Chiron is not a planet. It cannot be given the same power as the other planets.

Also, unlucky has nothing to do with house placement. The entire chart must be studied to ascertain IF there is bad luck and WHERE it comes from in the chart.

It is never only one placement or house.

Same with good luck.



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Is Mars in 11th house an unlucky placement in natal chart?

If, as a female, you are projecting your own Mars as 'the opposite sex', you could well have the idea that it is an unlucky placement. Mars will always 'desire to be be on the go'. Even in Taurus its lusty side can struggle to settle down and commit to one person, whilst the 11th house is that of platonic and not personal relationships; i.e. boyfriends may not turn out or desire to be the life partner.

Mars as you own active energy could rule the 10th house of career and public standing. The 11th house often sees temporary or freelance work, even in a professional capacity. Taurus can go along with it, and Mars will provide the necessary stamina to work hard, as long as stability and security are provided.

Not every astrologer works with Chiron. It also depends upon the aspects made to it. Gemini is the sign of mental application through communicative means. Whatever it implies (through aspects) Chiron will have something to do with the ability to actively mentally relate to another in an objective (11th house) manner.

If Mars and Chiron are connected by aspect, their joint expression can work together. If there is no aspect between them, each works independently of, or separately from (11th house) the other.

A chart reveals more than 2 objects placed in it. :smile: