Mars conjunction Uranus


I understand that conjunctions in general are a good thing, but I've read that when this one comes around, it can be... difficult. So what I'm trying to figure out is, how does having this particular conjunction in my natal chart impact me? In addition, does it help/hurt my cause when both planets are in the same sign? In my case, both Mars and Uranus are in Sagittarius.

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Hi Aleph,

A conjunction is fused energy, both planetary energies work together as one. You can't consider one without the other.

Of course, the wider the orb of the aspect, the weaker the influence. For example, on any aspect that does not include either the Sun, Moon or the higher octave pair (Mercury's higher octave is Uranus, Venus is Neptune and Mars is Pluto), I only give a 5° orb between the planets for them to be in aspect with one another. The Sun, Moon and higher octave pair I will usually give 10° to make an aspect.

To look at this conjunction as stated is taking it out of context, but I'll give you some ideas to consider.

A Mars/Uranus conjunction in Sagittarius speaks to me of personal assertive energy that may appear as rebellious and aggressive to others. It has a thirst for reaching into the depths of the personal unconsious and projecting its needs and want in a very instinctual way through the avenues of higher learning, belief structures and wisdom. It is always trying to search for its own truth and project that out into the world without thought of how it is taken.

Now this is an out of context picture, as I stated at the beginning. This is going to change and be mitigated based on the conjunction's house placement and what other aspects are made to it. This is only my general outline for a basic flavor of this aspect and may not fit you at all.

Take what fits and ditch the rest.


Hi Elianah,
Thank you for all the wonderful information, and I found your information to be quite accurate. To put things more into context:

I have the Sun in Leo,
the Moon in Cancer,
Mercury in Virgo
Venus in Virgo
Mars in Sagittarius
Jupiter in Capricorn
Saturn in Scorpio
Uranus and Neptune are both in Sagittarius
and Pluto in Libra

My rising sign is Leo, with Taurus being my midheaven. In regards to Sagittarius, that falls in the fifth house. If you would like to see my wheel and other aspects, click here.

I think I have a pretty interesting chart, with quite a few positives.. The only 'negative' I can see is my Venus in Virgo, which I think is always trying to make my love life difficult. But the rest of my chart seems to flow quite nicely, with any real negative aspect supported by another overly positive part of the chart.

Thank you for the information about conjunctions, and as far as the orb goes, the aspects were generated for me automatically, so I'm not sure what method was used..

Always learning,


Hi Aleph,

It is quite amazing, I've been eyeballing the chart of Sup.Crt Nomminee-Miers. She has mars/uranus square mercury in virgo also!! only many years earlier when Uranus was in Gemini.

With your venus in virgo you will tend to be very self critical and doubting, maybe about your body image, love or fiscal matters.

Now I see your mars/uranus conj. as a tremendous forces in an expansive sign when combined which are of opposite natures--not always easy but mandatory due to the conjunct (fire and air elements)especially in critical thinking as it squares virgo/mercury.

There can also be on the bright side, very intuitive knowing or perhaps are able to grasp what seem like contradictions.

I suggest you do not give your trust away quickly or easily in love matters...this is when things can cresendo and you end up hurt and wondering wether you could have done something different.

Learn to develop the sense of when you know you can trust someone or if you need to wait to make that decision. Virgo wants to fix everyone up -don't- let them fix themselves up and then be with that person
Scorpio on the 4th needs emotional trust and integrity...honor that need.

listen to your gut,not your heart,,,like all those love songs don't tell ya :wink:


I have something in common with Harriet Miers eh? Quite interesting indeed. Whenever I look up my individual aspects, the common themes that always come up are intuitive, and would succeed in the field of Law.

As far as the trust issues go, I think you may be on to something. I am an overly trusting person, I can always see the good in people. As of lately however, there has been a girl who I wouldnt normally think to be my type, but she sort of "placed herself" in my life. We started dating, but I've been curious as to her true motives.

This definitely gives me reason to hold back my trust, just in case. Thanks for looking my chart over.



me too...

Hi!Very interesting thread for me since i too have the mars-uranus conjunction in sag between 0 and 1 degree in the first house.The only major aspect it receives is a sextile to the sun(mc ruler).What could that mean?Hmm? :?