Mars Conjunct Pluto in a Female's Chart


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I find this aspect to be an indicator or abuse in a female's chart. I have it myself and had grown up in a wildly abusive household only to go on to violent or abusive relationships as an adult. Does anyone else have this experience or thoughts on this aspect?
Thanks. M


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Your mars is conjunct pluto, but also conjunct Uranus, and all three are opposing Saturn.
Mars and pluto rule your 4th, so they influence your family, your home, your childhood.
Positioned in the 2nd and 8th houses, your self esteem is challenged by this, and it also flows over to sexual issues.
This isn't specifically a female issue, it is a human issue.
Your 4th house also holds Neptune/mercury/sun/venus in a tight stellium, all in supportive aspects with the mars/pluto/uranus and Saturn configuration.
Mars/pluto/uranus are all active energies, and can be explosive, so the opposition of Saturn could add restraint, although this could become repression.
The energy works both ways, you could be the receiver, but you could also manifest, you might have a temper yourself!
Because the 2nd ruler is mercury, which is conjunct Neptune, the tendency to sacrifice oneself might be tempting. Evasion and withdrawal into a dream world can make it easier to glide through conflicts.
Both Saturn and Uranus rule your 7th of partners and marriage, so this is why your difficulty was also felt in relationships.
Not sure why you inserted all the asteroids, but you neglected to insert South Moon's Node.
It falls in your 4th house, and both Nodes square moon on the cusp of the 7th, so finding emotional comfort and balance in partnership is one goal your soul has in this life.
The tendency with SN in the 4th is to withdraw oneself from the world, close ranks and depend on the family for comfort. But North node needs to express itself in the outer world, and your emotions need to fall in line with this balance.
You need both, but you need more of the world outside your own garden, so to speak.
Sun/venus is very amiable, you are probably good looking and can be charming and sociable, which is a strong quality to have in life! In scorpio your attractiveness can be mesmerising.
Moon on the 7th cusp puts your emotional focus on having a partner, this makes you feel more secure, but this too has to be put in balance with the rest of your life to avoid a co-dependency situation.
It's a complex chart you have, but the energies can balance out and help you find a satisfying place in life.


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Thanks Elena as always for your insight.
Sorry about all the asteroids, that is just the way I saved the initial chart way back when...:biggrin:
I am still really hung up on the single aspect of Mars conjunct Pluto.
I think this single aspect speaks volumes in a female's chart.


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Well, I read a lot and I have it in my chart as well, so speaking from personal experience and what I have learned over the years, Mars/Pluto in hard aspect in especially a female's chart points to either abuse suffered at home as a child- or attraction to abusive men. (And I can attest to both).It also gives the woman an "amazon" quality that intimidates and turns off guys. Not the most feminine energy-(Hillary Clinton as an example).
Soft aspects are okay, harder aspect ESP in women not so much.


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So, given you did post your birth data, I was able to recalculate the chart, inserting some asteroids that might make more sense.

Orcus. In the degree of the Nodes, so influencing relationships .

Pholus is almost exactly conjunct moon on the 7th cusp.

Pholus "Astrologically Pholus represents the small cause yielding a large effect; “taking the lid off” a situation with explosive results; and a catalyst or reagent spurring change or transformation."

"Pholus perihelion (asteroid) embraces Saturn’s orbit...and harmonically aligns with Pluto’s companion, Orcus. While it does not cross Pluto in its entirety, it brings us to Pluto. As a result, it has a harmonic resonance with Pluto."

In your chart, the themes of relationships/emotional expression/transformation and power, continue to come to the forefront.


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WOW, I am enlightened, I think. I'm a little confused, but I think I get it.
So, does Pholus make me kind of a wild card or a loose cannon? That is the way I am understanding it so far. I'm not sure what to make of Orcus. Could you elaborate on the effect of Orcus as well?
I'm trying to make generalizations in my mind as to what these asteroids do & I want to make sure I understand in plane terms.
Thanks as always.


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Asteroids obviously are not planets, so normally they don't have the strength or effect of a planet aspect. However, when they make exact contact with points in the chart, it can give us a glimpse into how the energies are manifesting.

You can google them, and your intuition will tell you what to keep and what to discard, because it is your personal energy.

Pholus for example explodes what it touches, sitting on your moon makes your emotions "explode", and on the 7th exaggerates the emotional dependence on a partner.

Wild card or loose cannon?
Maybe both!! (haha)