Yes. Its usually indicated by the amount of Planets found in the House, however this isnt the only indicator, the fertilty of the sign of the cusp as well as the Planets found within there also illustrate the amount. For a more fertile sign shows more than one, whereas a barren will show one or none. A mix between them both usually shows one, or two at MOST.

You should also see if there is a bi-corporal sign(Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces) on the cusp, this will indicate two marriages.

Well I can't see this as relevent, I don't have mutable on 7th but fixed Leo, have Uranus and pluto their and have been married 3x but the last one I married 2x and I am hoping to marry again within next 2years:love:

You seem to suggesting more Traditional astrology or horary views, cos what would happen if 7th house cusp ruler were placed in 12th?? not good either. What if saturn were in 7th poorly aspected and ruler placed in 12th, but had mutable on angles and sun, venus, mars or jupiter in 7th as well....

well i have been married twice and will probably get married within next 2 years for a third time.
I have an empty 7th house. I have no applying aspect to my sun from planets in the same sign as my sun!
My father has 1 applying aspect to his moon and he's been married 5 times LOL
Well said

A cusp in a fertile sign (water especially) will show multiple marriages.
I don't have water ruling 7th but fire/Leo and fire Aries moon:bandit:

I think there are 'general' traits worth considering, but no hard and fast rules,cos you will always find the exception to that rule.

I have seen Virgo and mutable Asc and Moon marry more than once or twice and mutable moon suggests that person can love more than one person at the same time..