Marriage Proposal!!!! Please help


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I am currently in a relationship with someone we'll call Mark (not his real name).

So far Mark and I do get along, and we like each other. However, we've only been dating a short time and I'm kinda shocked at having him ask him to marry me at all, let alone this early in the relationship!

If he's serious about this, then the prophecy has been fulfilled. My natal chart says I'd marry someone who:

- Is older than me

- Has more money and/or status than I do. He claims his immediate family are in the military and he owns a car and motorcycle. He also doesn't live in the same part of town that I do.

- Can give me that security and money

- I might also marry early (I'm not yet 20) or very late in life.

Mark and this situation fit these criteria to a T.

He asked me to marry him via a Facebook chat (Gemini rising in horary chart) (because he's currently out of town) and he introduced the topic by saying he's buying me a ring (Moon in 2nd, promises of something material). He has already bought me a wonderful necklace. My natal Capricorn Venus is tempted, but Mercury in the 5th leads me to believe he may just be looking for someone to have sex with. :unsure:

I believe this relationship may be destined or karmic. His North Node conjuncts my Chiron and his Sun is on my North Node. He appears to represent my future or one to help me on the path of spiritual evolution.

Regardless, my Venus in Capricorn says heck no, he'd better be serious and sure of what the **** he's getting into. He CAN try, but he cannot buy my love.

Also, when I first did his chart, I was surprised to find he is yet another Leo Moon. I was hoping for basically any other Moon sign. All of my relationships including this one have been with Leo Moons, and the others have not ended well. (No surprise they're all Leo Moons, Leo is intercepted in my 7th House.) Will this Leo Moon be different? Will Mark prove himself as "The One" for me? Am I on the right path or should I run for the nearest exit?

Obviously, it's a good idea to get to know each other better before we even think of marriage. I honestly can't believe he would want to get that serious so fast.

I have to wonder: Is he serious? Or does he only want to get in my pants?

(The chart for the time of proposal (horary) is attached below.)


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You/Merc are very inclined toward him/Jupiter, since he is in the sign of your dignity and exaltation. But it is not returned by him [who is also in his own detriment] to you, since his reception for you/Merc is modest, unremarkable.

Then, there is no aspect either from you as Merc or you as Moon to him/Jupiter.

I don't see his being serious at all.
And please...a proposal over Facebook...?


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Facebook? I hope he is not serious. :annoyed:

And I kind of hope you are not serious either. You are not yet 20. Barely know this man, know very little about him?

My Capricorn Moon is hurting just thinking about you possibly agreeing to this ...:unsure:


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Facebook proposal??? Never heard of anything more unromantic....:bandit:

But looking at the chart I would say he is serious. Part of Marriage is at 15.57 Virgo. And look where Jupiter is, right conjunct it by 1 degree. So he would like to get married, or at the very least a commitment. But the question is, if he wants to simply get married so did he just think you are a good candidate, good enough, why look any further? Or is he truly so madly in love with you, and therefore he wants to have you as his bride?

There is reception between Jupiter and Moon, and some between Jup and Mercury. So there is interest between you. However Mercury is about to change signs, its under the beams here. So something will change, your outlook on this may shift.

If I were you, I'd ask him to hold off the proposal until you guys know each other better and perhaps in due time if things are good between you, if he still wants to be with you he can propose in a more romantic fashion.

best wishes!

edit: Just realised Jup is conjunct the degree of Mercury's exaltation as well as PoM, that explains it. You both exalt each other, this is normal in a new relationship. I think you both have rose coloured glasses on right now. Time to listen to your Cappy Venus.
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