Marriage partner in the natal chart?


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Okay, I'm sure there's been a thread like this before, there must have been....I haven't found it yet, so I'm starting my own ;)

Was researching why the 9H is considered to represent second marriage partners. I still don't know why it belongs to 9H, however, I found some really interesting interpretation work on this page: It's someone's life story, with their chart interpretation interspersed between reported real happenings. She returned to her astrologer to tell him how accurate he had been! The following "marriage" interpretations interested me.

(the 7th house describes the first husband and the way he presents himself to other people. Venus is placed in the 7th house, which speaks about his good upbringing and manners, that he is a man who leaves good and favorable expression on other people. However, his house beginning in the sign of Aquarius is ruled by Uranus and Saturn; Uranus is at the 12th degree of Libra bearing all the symbolic of Pisces and indicating that her husband’s personality is very complex and that parts of his character are concealed and invisible to other people; the other ruler Saturn placed at the worst 18th degree speaks about evil and controlled trait of his (Saturn – control, self-control) which from time to time surfaces) In her 7th house – denoting marriage but additionally the events during a divorce – there is Venus. Venus rules her 4th house (house, home, apartment) and thus, after she got married (7th house) she started to build a house together with her husband. While this house is also the house denoting divorce, they were bound to take this matter of the joint house to court –Venus in the 7th house as a ruler of the 4th house –house, home.)
I don't understand the phrase "bearing all the symbolic of Pisces". I don't understand what he is referring to, or where the idea of Pisces comes from. Can anyone edify me? For the client's second marriage, he writes:

(Her 9th house describes her second husband. This house begins in Pisces. Both rulers of this house – Neptune and Jupiter – are placed in Sagittarius (a foreign country); this house stretches to the sign of Pisces –sea where, additionally Mercury and Sun are placed –small country surrounded (Mercury) by sea –Pisces. They have known each other –the Sun ruler of her Ascendant-she exact sextile Saturn-someone from the past. The same aspect indicates that he is older than her; Saturn rules her 6th house –colleague from work, the one she used to work with; in addition, Saturn and Sun are at the 18th degree with all symbolic of Virgo –from work, on work. He is divorced because in her 3rd house i.e. his 7th house when we count from the 9th one – the second husband- there is Uranus (divorce). He has a child because in the 9th house there is Mercury – child and Sun ruling her 1st and his 5th house – child -when we count the houses starting from the 9th (second husband). The cusp of her 9th house – second husband – is at the 16th degree fully symbolizing Cancer. This tells us that her second husband will be a man from her country – Cancer, origin.)

Holy Moly, can you really see so much in a birth chart?! I was erring more towards the opinion that the placements desribe what you are attracted to, but not so much what you would end up with, in immense detail. I'm going to be scrutinising my chart more closely!! I might post it here, when I figure out a little more. Can anyone help me with the earlier "bearing all the symbolic of" reference?
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Howl you have opened up a whole new astrological book to me!
I find it very interesting how he makes his astrological interpretations into a story(which obviously was accurate).
I took a brief look at my chart and tried to do the same.
I am on my first (and hopefully only marriage) but I can definately read my partner into my natal chart.
My 7th house begins in cancer( a warm nurturing husband),ruled by moon.Moon is in 10th conjunct midheaven in Scorpio.He is a businessman,his own boss and well respected, known as someone you dont mess with.House ends in leo or virgo depending on which house system you use but anyway the rulers,sun and mercury are both in virgo in 8th.He is hard working,a logical thinker and deals with other people property!

Ok maybe much more simplified than your example but it still works!

Maybe you CAN see your actual partner in your birthchart!

Do you think that when you know the circumstances you can make anything fit?

Maybe the great thing about the account in your article is that it was all written with(i assume) no prior knowledge of the persons partners and life events.

Would be very interested to see the results from anyone else who tries to put this into practice.


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Hi Cossie, glad you enjoyed it :)
Do you think that when you know the circumstances you can make anything fit?
Yes! But I also think that maybe, we are looking to experience certain things, and can "interpret" them into a number of people. Is it such a bad thing that you could use the same placements, and "find" them in different ways, even if you had married someone else? Interesting isn't it.

He did, apparently, provide the original interpretation with no, or very limited, prior knowledge. As for me...I'm not married, as you would tend to expect at my age for a Capricorn descendant. Showing my natural prudent judgement ;) However I have been looking at what my 7H would suggest as a committed partner. I will post it when I'm done. I too am very intersted to hear anybody else's take on the matter.


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This is truly amazing. I'm divorced. I have librarising. Ruler of the 7th[mars] is in the third. it Sextiles my Sun/Mercury/Venus in the 5th. That Aries desc. Doesn't really decribe my ex-husband. He did have an explosive temper though! The ruler of my 9H is Mercury[Gemini] Mercury also rules my 12H. Mercury is in Pisces in the 5H. conjunct my Sun, and trine my MC. I really don't think I'll get married again. As much as I would love to, I have a feeling i'm destined to be alone.
This was very interesting to read. For my Second partner I looked to the cusp of my 9th house Taurus and my partner is very stable and provides security. The ruler of my 9th Venus is in the 5th house of love. My Venus sextiles Mercury/Moon in Pisces but not too sure how to read this bit.

My Venus opposes Jupiter in Leo the 11th house he has a child from a previous marriage who is a Leo. My Venus Squares Pluto in Libra 2nd house, I am a bit worried with what this might mean. Maybe controlling finances, but he doesn't seem this way.

Also what the Astrologer said was to look to the 3rd house, for her second husbands relationship there, and she had Uranus in the 3rd indicating her second partners Divorce. I have Uranus in the 3rd and my Second/Present partner is divorced.

My partner also has Aquarius on his descendant indicating divorce according to the Astrologer.

Shining Ray


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This is very interesting...

But tricky in my chart. My 7th house cusp is Aries, with Mars in Gemini, 9th house. The 9th house cusp is Gemini, with mercury in Aries, 7th house!

They are in mutual reception, and are my two final dispositors.

What does it mean? two husbands in the same time?!

Lol. Really though, ideas anyone?


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What does it mean? two husbands in the same time?!
heheh, would you want two?! :D I'm not sure, perhaps it suggests that you'll only have one partner. Maybe you'll marry him twice!!

The thing that I wonder about "marriage" is: what counts as "marriage"? I'm not even certain that I'll ever get married....never have been so taken with the idea. In that case, I would assume that "significant" committed relationships count. But where do you draw the line? Who qualifies as a "marriage like" partner, and who doesn't? Is there some sort of time minimum that qualifies relationships?

I think a reasonable answer is that it differs for each person. Perhaps a three year relationship for me, with conscious commitment from both partners, is the qualifying minimum. For someonse else, it would be literal wedding vows. See, I don't THINK the most committed relationship I have had qualifies as a "marriage like" one. We were relatively young (around 20) and it lasted about 2 years. We do remain close as friends, which makes me think that he belongs to the 7H, because we are really committed to maintaining A relationship. He IS rather well described by my 7H. Hmmm.

Ray, what makes you decide to consider your first partner as belonging to the 7H?

And also, does anyone have any ideas what "Uranus is at the 12th degree of Libra bearing all the symbolic of Pisces" means? Where is he getting that from? :)


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Great thread. I can't answer any of your questions, except to relate my own chart.

I have Pisces on the desc, with Jupiter in Scorpio in the 3rd. I'm going to count my daughter's father as a "husband" though we never married. He was a Gemini and fits well with the 3rd house. He must have had a touch of Scorpio somewhere because once he casually remarked he might ask my friend for a date ( I think to see how I would react).

I calmly went on folding towels and responded that he would not ask her for a date, because if he did, I would kill his dumb ass. I found out a year later, that after that one remark, he never came home again without a gun. I nearly died laughing!!!

The second "mate", the only man I ever loved, was ruled by Taurus. Ceres is there in my chart,but opposed to Chiron exactly. His NN is conjunct my MC,Algol,the Pleiedes, and my Arabic Part of Benificent Change. He was truly "the wound that never heals". Venus is in the 11th square Neptune, of course!


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Fransesca :) what if you use modern rulership for your 7H cusp? Where is your Neptune, and does it describe your first (not)husband? That thing about the gun is crazeeee! Was he literally living in fear of you!? Also, what's on the cusp of your 9H, Taurus right?


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I dont see any validity with 2nd marriage in 9th!!. The 7th denotes all marriages with planets and other aspects there. Using derivative house method the 9th represents partner's siblings and so in-laws. If anything you would use 7th plus 7th for the second marriage making it the 1st house. I still maintain the 7th always indicates our partners, no matter how many.
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Although any gemini and mercury influence affecting the 7th house can denote two partners it can also denote a younger one, nervous, intelligent and restless in their attitudes. So many variables. We must remember that the 7th covers also long term friendships, open enemies such as those involved in legal adversarial matters. Our one to one relations in general including counselling, our doctors etc, the general public and how we relate. Mediation and negotiation and ultimately finding balance and harmony with justice. Ultimately it represents relationships of agreement and equality.
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I haven't been able to find the rationale for why 9H might represent a second marriage, yet I see reference to this idea often. I'm interested as to why you thing it might be the first house, if anything?


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My goodness, Howl, don't sound so horrified. I thought you Aussies were rough and tumble types. Yes, he evidently took my threat seriously, which of course, it wasn't, just jealous temper.

I only found out about the gun when one day we went to Canada and he bought fireworks, which cannot be transported across the border. I was annoyed because I was sure we'd be stopped and taken aside, which we were. While the customs agent made us wait inside, I said to him something like you and your **** fireworks-of course he's going to search under the seat where you stuffed'em. Then he turns to me and says" I don't care about the fireworks, I just hope he doesn't find the gun!".

I was so pissed off! Then in comes the customs agent, grinnin' like a Cheshire cat, with the fireworks in his hand. He evidently stopped searching when he found them. Talk about luck of the Irish,eh?

Oh, you mean Neptune, I didn't think of that, I've been doing so much horary. Neptune is in Libra in the 2nd house. I'll have to think about it. Actually, I checked and Aries is on the cusp of the 9th. Mars is in Gemini in the 10th, the traditional house of marriage, and the second mate was also Mercury ruled-a Virgo. Weird, huh?


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We Aussies don't carry GUNS! mAd NoRtH AmErIcAnS carry guns!! Rather significant cultural difference ;) I can't imagine anyone rocking up to my house loaded and armed, least of all a partner, so no offence intended, but it sounds well and truly crazy to my sensibilities :)

You two did indeed have luck of the Irish. Please do report back if anything new occurs to you regarding the 7H and 9H rulers, you crazy north american you...
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About Astrologer, Prof.Mr.Stojanovic!

I am here to confirm the truth about Mr. Stojanovic. Astrologer from Belgrade.

I was in Belgrade, summer 2001, to visit my sister, after 10 years. There I did buy Astrology magazin (I forgot the name), where are writing the best Astrologers from Serbia. I wrote to the Lady, editor, also Astrologer, to send me more old numbers of this magazin. I have sent her money, and she sent me magazins.
There was something very special about Mr.Stojanovic: he is studying each degree of the planet in Natal Chart. F.e., I have Mars at 2 degrees of Leo, and I should get some man, prince. My boyfriends and my fiance were not princes, but have looked like them. That means, they had aristocratic look, and I know, they have been aristocratics in Past life.
Other thing was right: I wrote to him, and talked with his wife, that I am going to buy all his books, when I get the job. He is so good, that he knew, I will be long without job, so he didn't send me a book.

I am sorry, I am in such a bad money situation (have only debts), otherwise I would buy all his books, and also get this magazin every month.

Good luck Mr.Stojanovic,
Kranj, Slovenia


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You said:
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No matter how bad it gets, suicide is NOT an answer. If you need money, there are agencies that will give you money: find one or go to the government offices of your country and find out about money assistance. Particularly in Europe there should be some STRONG public assistance programs.

Suicide creates problems, it does not solve them. First of all, it creates the problem of you making the decision that your life is worthless...which eliminates the possibility of getting out of your problems and just puts you further on your downward spiral. Secondly, if you believe in spirituality, it only sets you up for more problems in your next life.

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What if you never get married but instead have a long term partnership??
Marriage isn't a big issue with me. I have Aquarius on my 7th, would this indicate an unconventional union?


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Okay let me try:
My first marriage...virgo with cancer rising leo moon
My seventh house cusp is Aries, ruler mars is in the third....does not fit much with me.....
Okay his seventh house cusp is capricorn with saturn in my seventh house of virgo of which he is a virgo.
Is this right?


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Uranus in 3rd house not neccesarily means parents divorce. I have Uranus in my 3rd house yet my parents aren't divorced, neither are my partners.
For me i tend to look to the 3rd house of communication with your partner.

Neptune Rising

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Im confused.

My 7th cusp = Gemini (ruled by Mercury)
Mercury is in my 2nd house in Aquarius
My partners Moon is in Gemini

my partners 7th cusp = Aquarius (ruled by Uranus)
(he had a long term partner in the past)
his Uranus is in his 3rd house.
so his 9th house cusp is Pisces
My Moon is in Pisces.

My Uranus though is conjunct his Sun.