marriage future, please help??


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Hello, thank you for reading!

I am wondering what astrology says for my marriage. I am currently married. Experiencing issues and looking to the stars to help.

My details are:

August 30th 1990
Bloomington, Illinois, USA

Husband details are

July 30th 1989
10:50 AM
Lincoln, Illinois, USA

We have three children. We have been together since August 10th 2014. We married March 7th 2018. I have been told my husband's chart shows second marriage but mine does not... Hoping we can make it through challenges and persevere.

Thank you for any and all insight.
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As per yours you are pisces asc sagittarius rasi (vedic) poorvasadha . this nak is good for professional fame and money but not for marital life . married life has many ebb and flow .

as per lagna and rasi 7th lord is retro planets gives troubles . 7th lord in 6th with 6th lord gives quarrels and enmity towards spouse , though its good for physical and monetary things . first marriage broke in your sun dasa who is 6th lord of disagreements and divorcee . now you are in moon dasa who is 5th lord placed in 10th is very good for profession ,romance and children's . but moon is in venus star who is 3rd n 8th house lord . this is somewhat problem . it creates problems in relationship , prof change , strained finance , quarrels with your partner and some troubles with child . venus in cancer person is deprived of mother love , problems in finance , either will have more than one marriage or multiple relationships . also 7th from venus - 7th lord sat retro in 6th with lagna lord . again its good for material happiness but spouse will have bitter qualities . to some extent domestic abuse too . coming dasa is nice not much harm except quarrels . since 2nd lord mars is aspected by rahu you will have strained finance , no matter how much money comes it runs quickly as how its came . but u are highly independent self earning person , wont rely on others . since 1st lord is exalted no matter how many tycoon crosses in your life you never give a **** to it . dnt worry god is with you no major harm to your survival . life moves on well . only spouse troubles lot .

saw your current husband chart its nice . jupiter aspects 2nd house protects family life . in his chart also 7th from venus sat got retro sitting in 6th . which gives enemity towards spouse . but it wont harm . since jupiter aspecting saturn . it controls it . your spouse is lucky in terms of wife he gets many gains from you . infact you are the one who runs family and pays bills . comparing to you his status is low , may be thats the reason why your hubbys get animosity and jealous towards you . his 10th house and 10th lord afflicted so he maintains low key in his profession . many changes and difference of opinions office politics , bitterness in job to him .

My final verdict - if you adjust with this guy temperament and dwindling finance and changing prof life ., ready to take over responsibilities without leaning on his shoulders then this marriage will last long , else no . more you pressure him much he bursts out . not a responsible dutiful husband . puts burden on wife head and he roams happily . thats the only problem of him . and after 2023 seldom he have stable job . 10th lord mercury is with 12th lord sun . hard to deal with professionally . jumps from one job to another . but no sign of divorce . every nasty things happens between four walls of home . take care . your current dasa gives health problems to children take care . or they may give troubles to you emotionally .