Marriage denied for Moola AND manglik native?


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Everyone is suitable for marriage .... We all live under the same sun.Problem is God is unffair with some of us..that's all. Blame him ..don't blame yourself.


Ahaa no i won't spoil ones life 😊

There are some nakshatra which are not true in relationship among that moola is one for ketu ruled nakshatras partner is optional (aswini magha moola) moola is destructive nakshatra falls in rakshasa guna meaning demonic. They dnt care about anyone anything no social norms due tp that they deviate from right path even though they have family they r dare to hv parallel relationships, not caring about anything this creates problems in marital life. If this thing they control then no problem of other things they have luxurious n comfortable life. Their non bending aggressive nature is their problem. Its spoils all good qualities of them.
Is this true for all moola natives?


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Is this true for all moola natives?
Yes true nakshatra qualities wont change. Its fixed. But if dasa is good n moon aspected by Jupiter then it controlled but base theme exists. Birth nakshatra is your life profile. 5th n 9th should be good. Like wise either Jupiter should aspect moon or asc or 4th house.