Marriage Delayed or Denied


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Namaskar Astrologers,

I am asking this for my son

Date of Birth: Nov 8, 1992
Place of Birth: Pondicherry, India
Time of Birth: 12:15 PM

I have consulted several astrologers who say marriage will be delayed. In fact, they say late marriage is preferred as if he were to marry in 20s that will result in divorce. Some say his chart has Mangal Dosh some say it is cancelled.

Please read his chart and let me know if marriage possible and at what age is marriage indicated. Also number of marriages indicated.

Thanks in advance


Dear DharmaPriya,

I do chart analysis with 4 step theory method(Advance KP).

As per Brihat Parasara Hora Sastra(BPHS), BPHS Chapter 80, Slokha 47 says that the woman born becomes a widow, if mars be in the 12th,4th,7th or 8th from Ascendant unaspected by or associated with any benefic.

Slokha 48-49 says that the above yog which causes the woman to become a widow also causes a male native to become a widower. If the Man and a Woman both possessing this yoga join in a wedlock, the yoga ceases to have no effect.

In KP astrology, we use placidius house division system with KP new aynamsa. As per this Mars is in cancer sign @ 1 degree 17 mins. 7th House also falls in sign of cancer, however it starts from 18 degree 56 mins, so technically mars is in 6th house and not 7th house, hence there is no Mangal Dosh in this horoscope.

However there is Punarphoo Dosh in this horoscope, as per KP reader 4, whenever Saturn has got any connection what so ever with moon, there will be some obstacles or impediment, not only during negotiation but also at the time of fixation and even at the time of celebration of the marriage. This conection between Moon and Saturn causes delay.

In your Son's horoscope Saturn is in Sravana nakshatra ruled by Moon and also Saturn is aspecting with his 3rd drishti to Moon. So there is punarphoo dosha in this horoscope. This is the one of the points which is causing delay for marriage.

For marriage, we see 7th Cuspal Sublord. It must signify houses 2nd or 7th or 11th in the horoscope, if it does, then we say marriage yog is there in the horoscope.

7th house falls in the sign of cancer in ashlesha nakshatra and sub division of ketu. So Ketu is the 7th cuspal sublord.

Ketu in mrigasira nakshatra. Mars is in 6th. Ketu's sublord is Saturn. Saturn is in Sravana nakshatra. Moon is in 7th house. So Marriage yog is there in the chart.

Current Mahadasa is of Venus. Venus's sublord Ketu is in Mrigasira nakshatra. Mars is in 6th. This is the 2nd reason wherein this Venus mahadasa has not given marriage result.

Next Mahadasa of Sun is aspected by Saturn which is the lord of 2nd and aspecting 7th cusp. Sun sublord saturn is in moon nakshatra. Moon is the lord of 7th. So Sun Mahadasa will give marriage results. So sometime during March to April 2024 marriage will happen....

Good luck and keep us updated !!!!

Kiran Mahyavanshi


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Thanks Kiran ji for taking the time to read my son's chart and providing your astrological knowledge and guidance. My mind is at peace now. Pray to Lord Krishna to bless all of you astrologers for the free service you are providing for a lot of people who are having a variety of personal problems. Thanks a lot. 🙏