Marriage date


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Hi there,

I know a fair amount of astrology already, i've analysed my own chart but i have a query about my wedding, which is next year 10th June 2012. I notice transiting Saturn opp Asc and MC and Saturn opp Jupiter. Also Jupiter opp Pluto, indicating maybe expansion v. freedom. I wonder whether these are negative influences, indicating, God forbid, a separation or something, as Saturn is the ruler of my 7th House. Or heavy pressures? I am already feeling heavy pressures as organising this wedding has been a lot of work. I also feel that i am growing up, taking more responsibility, becoming mature so it could have something to do with that. Today is my 24th birthday too!

Also, i know that the Sun must be looked at in a woman's chart for her relationship/marriage potential, i'm worried because it seems that Vertex seems to be in the same position as Saturn on the actual date of the wedding, what is anyone's interpretation of this?

Interesting enough, i met my husband-to-be right when Saturn started to sextile my natal saturn last November!

My chart with transits/progressions is at this link: