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Dear group members
I am sharing birth details of the lady who is un marraied till date .no relationships or break in engagement occurred till date .she is PHD and recently resigned job
Members are requested to pl analyse when she will get married
21-06-1981 11.20 pm 24N58 84E 58 lagna is Aquarius
I am of the opinion that moon is with Ketu and Ketu in turn represents sat and moon ,so there might be abnormal delay in marraige till 40 years .
Opinion of members is requested


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Marriage may be somehwhere between Aug 2021-April 2022, Ketu with moon in 12th house and ketu representing Mars,moon and saturn.Mars in 4th house.In navamasa ketu in aries navamasa with saturn.So more chances are that this combo is going to trigger leading by saturn.



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Anup ji
Thanks for reply ,with slight change in tob lagna changes to Pisces even then do you think there will be delay


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kshantaram JI
As desired i attached the and request to analyse


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in case the observations in the further attempt here enable clues,

lords 1/7 sat-sun over virgo-gemini square same lord mer,
scope for intellectual relationship but challenging same time;

separative sun lord 7th over 7th in navamsa aspecting venus in opp,
venus karaka for relationship/marriage blanked by sun;

rahu the giver, placed 7th from moon for foreign relationship,
sooner coming 1.5yr transits sun-mer-venus 5th for romance,
sun lord 7th, venus for relationship; relationship of choice;
wear brown hessonite over pendant touching heart;

libra-venus 9th badhaka for acq asc,
stress-delays in luck-edu-travels;

badhaka venus over gemini 5th for luck-edu-romace-children etc
under stress-delay; heart-stomach-chest-lung issues to care;

jup dasa last phase, jup now transit scorpio 10th,
trine own pisces 2nd for family-finances;

natal jup-sat virgo 8th for mangalya to be realised year ahead hopefully;

jup-sat virgo poses critical attitude in sustaining a personal relationship;
jup karaka for marriage-husband with saturn causing the delay in 8th mangalya sthana;

prayers to saint of faith, offer yellow flowers wed evenings at the alter at home;

jup transit sun scorpio in the navamsa, sun lord 7th for marriage,
trine jup pisces navamsa for family-finances;
jup effective mid-course feb-may 019 to hope for;

sat transit sag 11th for income-gains-friendships-relationship,
may be with an old friend; or older person;

while sat opp sun-mer-venus under stress,
craving for relationship but difficult to manifest;

while ketu sooner moves to sag 11th,
detachment from income-gains-friendships-relationship to care;
and pain-injury-surgery arms-shoulders-ears-thighs etc;
natal moon-ketu saturnine cap 12th pain-injury knees-feet-heart-lungs etc,
donate 125gms pm white til to Lord Ganapathy sat evenings;

19yrs sat dasa follows, jup-sat virgo 8th,
aptitude for economics-audit-quality management etc;
chronic health issues urological-intestinal etc; sat asc lord over 8th;
sat 12th lord over 8th success amidst adversity;
jup aspect own pisces 2nd supportive of family-finances-singing etc;

scope for relationship year ahead, feb-may 019 to watch for,
while care for sat-ketu transit sag 11th for friends-relationship/detachments;

why discuss marriage-relationship now, is the person keen now
or having somebody in mind; is the person a client,
some background enables think appropriately;

hope the inputs enable take stock offering clues to factor,
do share comments/feedbacks,

wishing well sooner hopefully,


jup-sat-ketu separative node 11th house navamsa,
detachment from income-gains-friendships-relationship.
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Shantaram ji
Thanks for giving detail analysis of chart .The person of the chart is not my client and the particulars were shared through a common friend of mine and requested to know why her marraige was delayed so much as she is around 38 years plus .The person does not have any body in mind and recently resigned job .what I thought was due to moon with Ketu where in Ketu represents sat and moon ,The marraige was extremely delayed and can occur only after 40 years .
Thanks once again for analysis


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With slight change in tob the lagna changes to Pisces even then moon is with Ketu ,and unable to understand why so much delay in marraige,any clues is appreciated.